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  1. 40 hours in and I realize this is not a game for solos. I've built three rafts in the last 40 hours. I've travelled over 8 grids to gather materials and supplies and then I go get some rest. i.e. offline. When I return everything is gone. The first two times I was raided and my ship destroyed. This last time I figured I could leave the raft in the middle of the ocean where there was no claimed ocean. I come back this morning hoping at a minimum that my raft would survive. Happy to report.... It did not. I think I'm done for now. It's a great game if you have a 24 hour shift, but not for a small group. It's just not feasible to be able to go offline. I lost so much including some maps and gold. I hope you all have a better experience than I did. Good luck!
  2. In game name is Diablito Duke.. currently I am sailing the ocean on the SS Diablo. Come join my company. Duke Trading Company is recruiting skallywags for its maiden voyage. We promise plenty of adventure and riches beyond your wildest dreams. Those who are squeamish at sea should not apply.

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