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  1. Same here. Anyone found a solution not involving a server wipe?
  2. Kaldren021

    move feats?

    Press G to open the Feat's menu. Highlight a Feat then press F1-F12 to remap.
  3. Did you use the DinoCountMultiplier command on your ini file? It prevents the bosses to spawn.
  4. From Ark: But i couldn't test if it's actually working. (neither in Ark cause i use Structure+).
  5. I made a 2x1 test server, both were online and i still got empty bottles (most of the time it was high QL bottles). How is it working on officials servers?
  6. Never said it wasn't working for unofficial server. Just that it was set by default for the 15x15 grid and that i needed to now change coordinates for my 4x4.
  7. Got the same thing and i wonder if it's not intended. Some bottles have a map and some don't.
  8. There are some parameters that can be added to ServerCustomDatas: ServerCustomDatas1: NPCShipDifficultyMult,NPCShipDifficultyLerp,NPCShipNumMult ServerCustomDatas2: 2.0,0.5,1.6 You should try setting NPCShipNumMult to 0 (i did not have time to test it yet).
  9. The quest markers for the power stones "works" only for the 15x15 server grid. Each of these markers points to a "Golden Age Ruin" server. Each Golden Ruin server has: a PVE specific Island a PowerStoneIndex in the custom datas of the island a "Manual" discovery point related to the power stone The last power stone seems to be on the "Ghostship" (the one added with a ship path). The endgame boss is on the ocean (check The Center Maw server on the 15x15 grid) -> Edit server / ExtraSubLevel / EndBossLevel. I managed to add most the content on my 4x4 server, only need to change the coordinates of the quests markers now. The hard part is to test if it's really working and if i can get the power stones...
  10. Open the big map that came with the ServerGridEditor and check "Golden Age Ruin maps". To activate the quest for the powerstone you'll need to use the PVE islands, add some parameters on it and set some discoveries tied to this specific island. Then you'll have to change the quest marker position on the map (quest properties on the project edit page).
  11. When i did my test i gained 1 point when it stopped overriding and i was level 7, so i should have got 2 pts. No idea on max level.
  12. Worth the try. Keep in mind that you have to add one line per level, else you'll gain 1 pt by default. Check this post if needed: https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/133256240739519957/
  13. In the Game.ini file of each server.
  14. Now we can get Treasure maps but on my dedi server these are blank...
  15. See my previous post for the skill points gain. On my server i changed it to 3 pts per level.