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  1. You know what im freaking hype for a Wipe . Now that server are semi-stable everyone will got the same start.
  2. I don't want to disapointed you but you know it's EA and you got big chance of multiple wipe (Character and Map) during the EA so if i were you i would not be so sad about a couple days of work you'll play again and build the again
  3. Angel

    Stupid dev.

    Let me explain you why studios release game in early access. I'll be as simple as i can. In video game industry hiring game tester is not free an can be really expensive if the game is as big as this one so what do they do? They release it to the gaming community. They know first of all they will get money out of it (sorry to talk about money but they don't do this for free). By buying an Early Access game you agree to play and trying to find bugs and help the devs in the current state of the game. Some of you do not seem's to understand that point. This game is still in Alpha stage not even close of a full release. You pay 30$ to help the devs with the game and to thanks the players instead of paying the game full price at is release they made you pay the game super cheap. Your are not happy about that? Well you know what? Wait for the full release and do not ever buy EA. Simple as that.
  4. Angel

    Stupid dev.

    They communicate very well with the player base on twitter. And do not forget one thing this is an EA. Second thing we are in holiday time so the devs can have a break too with their friends and family. It's ok to be upset about something but don't forget something devs are probably having more time in front of a screen right now to fix the game instead of being with their family because a bunch of jackass doesnt understand that Atlas is a EA not a full release AAA. Give them a break if you can't play you won't die for 1 or 2 day go play another game but god give the Devs a freaking break -_- Oh and before you tell me i can play and i don't face any bugs atm you are wrong i cannot connect to my server but hey i dont harrass everyone about it i report the bugs to the devs in a polite manner and i wait.
  5. This is perfect how it is right now doesnt need of a rollback. You'll never be able to learn everythings and thats the point work in team.
  6. Angel

    Dupe bug / Cheater

    It show nothing except a bunch of fiber in his smithy seriously, i do watch him ATM and i do speak french so i understand him on his stream but atm i dont see nothnig looking weird. The only fishy thing i can see is that he eat instead of dying he must not be normal on that point
  7. Angel

    New Skill system is a no go for me.

    Ok so you want to gain 4 levels and unlock everythings. Going the easy way. This game is supposed to be played with squad. Each members doing his part with the community he is with. It can be Ship construction, Base Construction, Hunting, Armor or weapon crafting, Tamming each and every member should have his role to get the best out of everyone. If you don't like teamplay, working each and everyone on different tree skills well this game is not for you because right now this skill system is perfect how it is. Seriously i unlock everything in archery after level 7....this was a joke now i barely can unlock 4 skills this is perfect now b4 it was broken.
  8. Angel

    bug report Bug patch 7.0?

    Yesterday right before the patch the game and server was on 6.7 patch. Working fine for me connection without no problem. Switching grid in boat was smooth. But now on the 7.0 patch i am totally unable to connect ''Can't connect to server. Unable to fetch server info''. What i did: 1-I did a repair files for the game (doesn't work) 2-I uninstall the game and Install it again (Still doesnt work) 3-I install it on my SSD instead of my HDD (doesn't work) 4- I create a partition on my HDD dedicated to the game only and install it on it (doesnt work) 5-Did the same thing as number 4 but on my SSD (Doesnt work) In those points i didn't count the amount of time i did a full restart of my computer. I've try to spam my Join Atlas button over 45 times sitll the issues. Please help me or fix this... One patch i can connect the next one i cannot connect it's on and off every patch. I am urrently the only one in my community who got this problem since the launch and it's kind of boring and annoying at the moment.
  9. Angel

    Alliance vs Chinesse

    Well it's out now on my steam, right click on Atlas
  10. Angel

    A "little" rant.

    Wow, pretty accurate review so far. But i would suggest 1 or 2 other little things. First when you spawn in a lawless region you spawn more often in the middle of nowhere or even in the bottom of the ocean. It would be great if spawn can be adjust to prevent those kind of think. It happen to me several times and i had to die a several amount of time to get to the shore. For the claiming flags oh my god......... like you said 1 per survivor / guild or even buy them at a merchant in town for like 25-30 golds so people cannot spam them and for claiming a land you'll need to explore and really play the game instead of spamming F1 for 1 hour. For the ressources...... i would do somethings like made them respawn at a certain rate even if building or boats or claim flags are around but do a radius ( no spawn within 5 meters of a foundation or something like that) But overall they do an amazing job atm. edit: Do a map wipe server seems to work fine and everyone could have the same chance at the beginning
  11. Angel

    Alliance vs Chinesse

    Majority of the middlemap around H5
  12. Angel

    Chinese Hackers Please Help

  13. Angel

    Alliance vs Chinesse

    Chinesse have been a big pain in the a** since the beginning of the game, ressources duplicate glitch, insulting, shooting racial slur, destroying everthings etc.... I know this is PvP and i play with that in mind but, the way they do it is disrespectful for other players and it should be stop. I doubt devs are gonna do something about it so i'm asking the community to all claim allianve to each other for a short period of time. Wrote down chinesse alliance make a list of it. Once that is done we can figure a way to force kick them out of the server destroying their ship, their base, working together to get this disease out of the way for good. So like i was saying we need to work together, harrassing them with repetitve attack, not insult or slur. Play like pvp is suppose to play with respect and fun but its time to show them what we can do.
  14. Angel

    Chinese Hackers Please Help

    We got problem with them right now, doing our job relax on an island then 10-12 raft coming full of chinesse killing us and destroying our boat seriously i know its pvp but at this point its no longer fun.
  15. Angel

    Chinese Hackers Please Help

    I know right, we got CSTG too they do the same shit but when they attack they load the server with their stream audience and member to attack people. Seiroulsy chinesse ruins the game ATM.