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  1. I am in EU and I have 200ms ping on most of the servers. At the beginning I had around 30ms. This is not issue with servers being in EU (yes for people from other continents it ads around 100ms) , but this is not the issue here. Game needs a really good server optimization. Splitting servers by region won't do a thing.
  2. I agree that farming/collecting stuff is kind of very grindy right now. this is why farmhouse in PvP/PvE is a good addition, but they need to change few core things, before saying that this is a fix. Because in current state its just a bandage to bigger issues. They should just add crew requirement for farm house. So you would have to acquire crew and pay gold for it as @GINDORF said. they should limit to one farmhouse per company per island, and you should have ability to have multiple upgrades (like now where is wooden one and stone one) allowing more and more crew members to work at it.
  3. F4 & G4 are laggy as hell. I am from EU and on some servers I have sub 60ms ping. But on these two I am having over 200ms. And ships barely move. SOD is everywhere.
  4. They need to fix lag and desync first. If I can't hit a thing because animals are teleporting and spazing with desynced hit boxes. Adding extra animals and other stuff is just waste of resources at this time.
  5. Yes, right now there is crapton of land... if we are at it... just just need to ask for it.
  6. This ends my experience with this game, I had my time with the game almost 500 hours actually. Maybe I will return if game gets ever finished. I barely got the galleon done, I have lost so many tames, ships, crew, inventory and ofc endless time, expecting devs to do right thing, by not wiping the servers and actually work on correcting the claim system as it goes. Claim system is not bad, it just needs correct tweaks... I have lost countless hours searching for discovery points, some of them bugged, blocked, and such. I have lost so much time taking claims on PvE, I had to fight toxic players, who were willing to sink my ships by exploits just to get that one more claim, just to spite others around them. Every day I keep getting disconnected, around 20:00 my time every 20seconds, this crap was never addressed. I understand that wipe is necessary due to map changes, but the changes they are taking are not that drastic that the game requires CHARACTER WIPE, and, they could easily allow us to perma store animals, ships, items? for some time after the wipe, so when some time goes by we should be able to retrieve them for gold. And this could actually be made as a feature in freeport so if we go away for longer time we are able to store our stuff away. And I am 100% that nothing will change. There is going to be another claim/spot rush, foundation spam, shipyard spam, griefers having their field day,... The main gripe with the wipe I have is that the game breaking bugs will still be present, this way wipe doesn't make any sense. It would make more sense if they would throw in the polls and ACTUALLY ASK the community what they think. This is just definition of insanity. It seems like devs didn't learn anything from Ark nor the Atlas.
  7. I have similar issue. I have sloop in the middle of my claim since start of January, the problem is this sloop is blocking my port. The guy who was the owner of the ship is long gone.
  8. Reservoirs should hold a lot more water.
  9. For same exact reason I have that seaclaim. I can not get out of the bay, if someone would be able to build there.
  10. I am extending my observations. I have noticed there is huge desync between what is on server and what is game displaying. For example for me it was showing as my animals were not there, but when i tried passing thru that spot i got rubber-banded back. Like server was denying passage as if something was there. There are issues a lot of times with game showing ships with planks flipped which indicates another issue with synchronization of objects. The fix for falling animals or dynamic objects should be simple. Not sure how they have designed the code for everything but... as far i imagine from my experience it should be this way. Load world... Load structures or static objects... wait a cycle or two on server, because physix engine has to insert new collisions into collision tree. Load ships. wait a cycle or two so the collision tree is refitted. Load dynamic objects (animals). Simulate physix for couple of cycles. Start accepting traffic. When logging in. I should not see myself falling thru ground into water... etc.
  11. I have my base built, using 1 land & 1 sea claim that overlap, because there was no other way of getting a bit bigger plot. if they remove sea claims it will be the same for me as in being wiped - which means our company is gone. Sea flags should only be touching/overlapping the land claims if they are from same company.
  12. Yesterday half of my crew just disappeared idk where are they. I don't see them whistle all doesn't call them. they are still on the ship, somehow, because count says they are there.
  13. They should fix the issues that happen during anchoring, ship swaying, restarts instead of adding "cages".
  14. Same, lost a bear yesterday... that just vanished in front of my eyes. Only useful mount at very harsh island.
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