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  1. Pretty EASY

    what Graphics card

  2. Pretty EASY

    what Graphics card

    what graphics card should I get and runs the best for atlas? I have a 1060 now, how much fps will I get with a 1080 and a i7? cuz now I got 30 fps it sucks ballsacks
  3. Pretty EASY

    Stone Crafting Materials REALLY

    the devs are fucking drunk
  4. Pretty EASY

    nerf flamearrows

    pvp is just not fun, imagine you are farming with a plate armor set and some fire arrows, one guy comes close out of nowhere you versus him and he has a guns, if he misses 3 times hes fucked and you are there jumping sprinting spamming those cheap fking flame arrows LOL killing him in 2 hits nice
  5. Pretty EASY

    nerf flamearrows

    I don't know bro, but i'm still killing almost everyone with fully gear with flame arrows doesn't matter what they are wearing, put them on fire 2 times and they are dead it requires 0 skill
  6. Pretty EASY

    nerf flamearrows

    Nerf these things they do crazy amounts of damage to players, it makes guns almost completely useless we sunk a few ships and had a lot of pvp in the game now im just telling it from my experience they are toooo strong 2 hits and your dead and you can just keep firing the arrows against a gun that takes a while to reload? today we ambushed 7 people on the beach with fully flate armor with carbines shotguns etc we ran there with 4 people naked with a bow and flame arrows and killed them all?? this shouldn't be possible...
  7. Pretty EASY

    NPC shooting canons?

    Hi I just got a brig with around 25 npc crew, how do I manually let them shoot? if I press left click or rightclick a arrows shows up and I have to aim but if I let loose nothing happens ;O
  8. Pretty EASY

    2x rates is a huge mistake

    2x is nice should be 3x ok bye
  9. Pretty EASY

    Double farm speed active?

    Hey I saw this in the patch notes of 9.2, taming & resource gathering speed have been doubled, but I don't even notice it or is it just me?
  10. haha so many fking noobs coming not from ark, devs already said if u don't like ark this game is nothing for u, get big or die ok bye
  11. Pretty EASY

    EU pvp lag

    EU PVP B11 255 ping, I thought this was a MMO?
  12. Pretty EASY

    Treasure Map....

    bring more arrows next time lol
  13. Pretty EASY

    Wolves Wolves, nerf or delete them!

    You are fucking retarded
  14. Pretty EASY

    cant spawn on bed

    when my ship is close to the shore I cannot spawn on it? is that a bug? I am not in a claimed area its a freeport what am I doing wrong
  15. Pretty EASY

    How to gather resources in Atlas

    Dont cry bitch its survival