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  1. Yea I was hoping for their removal myself especially on PVE servers. They serve no siginficant purpose except being obnoxious, we only have 1 sea claim, but we lost like 4 land flags to 1 single sea claim flag on PVE because the upkeep was borked
  2. Oh did you guys change your mind on the sea claims? I do think they are pretty useless imho. Would be nice to know if its still going to be a thing or not so I can adjust some flags. Otherwise so far the patches you have been throwing out have been looking very promising. Still alot of work to be done!
  3. So? you just have to be smart with how you want to go about it, tbh you dont need 2 different locations, unless 1 is really far away, and if you claim more then 1-2 flags you start paying upkeep for it, and have to go there every 3 days.
  4. 1-2 flags is enough imho per player. if you are in a company all of those flags are combined anyways. Could increase the normal flag claim size slightly, and lower the ocean flag claims so they are the same size as the land version. Because its ridiculous that 1 ocean flag can completely cover someone elses territory, like me and my company are living with right now.
  5. Im talking about treasure coins as the currency here not resources. if you have one or two flag claims the upkeep would be 0. if you have more then 2 it would start increasing with 100 coins per flag. just an example: You have 10 claims, that will cost you 1000 coins every few hours to keep the land. you claim 10 more areas, you are now up to 2k. Probably wouldnt work well, and this is just my mere opinion and speculation on trying to figure out some kind of solution.
  6. Or the more you have claimed the more it will cost, maintainance cost to keep the land, every few hours like the crew works
  7. I never said it would solve anything, its mostly just my own speculations. Ofcourse it needs a rework
  8. My company cant replace any of our flags due to overlapping, so we sadly lost land because of that, as they placed flags in the water to take a massive chunk of a small island, think they managed to take out like 4 of our flags. Now im forced to log out in a 2x2 hut so they cant claim closer to our main buildings and ships
  9. Yea would be a good idea, and no overlapping would be great, and be forced place your claim flags ontop of someons flag if you want to claim the land if you find someone who has abandoned the game and timers ran out, and not at the border of the claim
  10. My company lost flags overnight because they didnt get the PVE upkeep update. Another company managed to overlap majority of our territory, except one single flag that has PVE upkeep on it because it was placed AFTER the update. Everytime we log ingame, we have lost land, that shouldnt have been lost. Happy New Year
  11. Yea so, lost land, got one single flag that was placed after the PVE upkeep, is still there since they cant claim it but they are still able to overlap most of the territory by placing flags in the water, because the claim is way bigger. PVE claming needs a complete rework. Make the flags grow in size over time, to a set maximum, maybe like the size of when its in the ocean?
  12. I tweeted @Jatheish and I got the reply that they are investigating. https://twitter.com/Jatheish/status/1077966699650076673
  13. Stuck on G7 too, went there to wait for a friend who was going to join us in atlas, now im stuck in limbo, and unable to connect to any server.
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