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  1. I could solve the problem by deleting the wrong island, changing the atlas id. Then I started the server without this island (island disapeared correctly). After that I inserted the new island again, changed the atlas, started the server again. Now is the island on the correct location. While this trial and error. I figured out, that deleting the ocean file is not needed when adding new islands. Looks like all structures, creatures and anchored ships are stored in the ocean files. Players, Tribes, ships on sea are in the database.
  2. Simple question. Is it possible to change islands or whole grids on a running server without a complete wipe? I edited servergrid.json to change one island but this is still the old one. Deleting ocean files hasnt worked, looks like everything is stored in the database after the first start. Someone knows free tool to access the database?
  3. Death should be punished in some way. For example getting older or loosing XP progress. Then the vitals makes more sense. I like the idea making different zones. I would divide them in 3 zones: 1. The PVE clusters should have enough land for everybody to build common structures, ships and equipment. The spot you can claim depends how big is your company. Only 1 spot is allowed. The PVE zones should be controlled by the royal navy (NPC Ships) (similar to the concord in EVE). Which means you can attack other players but you must carry the consequences, so you get hunted and can be killed by everybody. Of course there should be some common treasures and flotsam, too. In the middle of the mainland there is marketplace where you can trade everything. less dangerous creatures and no Alphas (Eve High-Sec ;)) 2. Outside PVE Zone is the PVP Zone (pirate rules), there should be valuable treasures and materials which you cannot find in PVE zones. These Materials are needed to build better ship-parts and advanced equipment. You can claim land and make your rules, taxes etc. If you build there you can always harvest rare materials and trade them or use it yourself. More dangerous creatures and Alphas are rare(Eve Low-Sec ;)) 3. Beyond the PVP Zones there should be the Zone of the damned. Very dangerous but with very big treasures and maybe the fountain of Youth. Some Alphas and other monsters (Eve Null-Sec or wormhole ;)) So if you seek adventure you have to go to the PVP Zones and beyond. If you need to be guarded you can stay or fallback to the PVE-Zones.
  4. I just checked it again... I see trees of green, red roses too I see them bloom for me and you And I think to myself what a wonderful world....
  5. Foundation spammers are uncool, but if a new player starts a building there will be no resources spawning, too. The problems stays.
  6. Yes please! The lawless regions are full of player structures. Whole forests disappeared.
  7. Not only L7, we are on G8 PVE EU. There is also spawns bugged. A whole forest disappeared.
  8. Today i went outside the lawless region, to find piece of land. I used a sloop. After i was close enough to the island i tried to get on, but before i could start a Lvl 17 crocodile attacked me trough the shipwalls and killed me after 3-4 bites. I waited a few seconds respawn on the boat, to make sure the crocodile is wandering of, but the crocodile was still waiting beside the boat. The crocodile could bite through the other side of the ship. I was killed about 25 times, until i succeeded to escape. (The crocodile was still close behind my boat with full set sails and perfect wind conditions.) I heard that someone lost his schooner by a crocodile. They need to change a lot with spawnings of creatures and their behavior. The crocodile it self: Crocodile shouldn't attack a ship. Rafts yes Crocodile shouldn't swim faster than a ship or raft. the agro-range should be close not far. the bite ranged must be reduced. All creatures: shouldn't spawn inside or near of structures (resources too) Alphas should be seldom and only protect a treasures or POIs small-medium creatures shouldn't like wolfs or crocodiles shouldn't be able to damage wood structures stone structures should only be damaged by large creatures like elephants or heavy weapons no creature should be able to make damage through walls In my opinion the map design must be divided in beginner regions, lawless regions, land claim regions and treasure hunt regions. beginner regions should be freeport, Level Cap 8(PVE Zone) lawless regions, Level cap 25, no placeholders allowed(fast decay and maximum 2 buildings in land and 2 shipyards in water)(PVE Zone) land claim regions, no level cap, Claim size depends of number of players inside a company, (max number of claims for PVE 1x land and 1x water each region, PVP unlimited), no treasures, flotsam yes treasure hunt, POI regions no claims, no levelcap, but you can build with the same rules in lawless regions.
  9. +1 same problem. This is the greatest bug, it should get the highest priority.
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