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    No Building Allowed Trolls

    Resources spawn so slowly it's not worth letting someone else build on your land. Even with 30% tax they're just preventing resources from respawning. Unless you own an entire island it's always better to deny people building rights on your land. The 30% I get from them doing this is less than what I lose from you preventing resource spawns, and since there are more people around, we're fighting over resources so I'm getting even less. Most of us do not own enough land to just allow other people to build on it (and I've got about 20 claims down).
  2. The developers hate their player base and the entire game feels like it's just a giant fuck you to everyone who bothered paying for it.
  3. Garfy

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    Whenever you see "server performance improvements" in the patch notes, what this means is "more people quit so the servers aren't as stressed". Now that people have to go somewhere, the servers gonna crap themselves hard again. The devs didn't think this through at all, terrible system with even worse implementation. Also, if the server resets the fountains location changes. Looks like they are going to reset so it wont be on O14 afterwards.
  4. Not even kidding. As long as you got someone to invite you to your old company and a few trash treasure maps, you can remake, grab 3-4 treasure maps and with the discovery bonus be back at level 40+ in an hour. It'd take me longer than this to sail to the fountain of youth, and then I'd have to fight through the 100 super aggressive spawns that can just 1-2 shot me no matter what armor I'm wearing who all have thousands of Hp and are basically unkillable for anything short of a group of 20+ people. Unless you got a huge company or have some kind of cheese, just remake your character. It'll be quicker and less painful than running for a fountain of youth.
  5. This update just confirms the developers don't play their own game and don't know shit about it or what the players want. They've just gimped most of their player base while forcing them all to sail to some random, distant island that is full of hyper aggressive enemies who can and will 1 shot you. If the developers want to kill the game, they're doing a good job.
  6. Garfy

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    People are also saying O7 on NA PVE. I suspect there is a bug making it appear everywhere.
  7. I got full plate armor that is all blue quality. 1-2 shots from crap on those islands still kills me. And now that all of my stats got nerfed into the ground I die even quicker and can't even run away since I don't have as much stamina or stamina regen. Not that I'll be taking anything with me to get to these islands. The closest one to me is 2 hours away by ship. I'll be respawning a bunch and suicide running to them, as I suspect many people will be.
  8. It's a quest, but it doesn't tell you where the fountain is.
  9. If you're doing to drop a crippling debuff on all of us without telling us before hand, the least you could do as a one time thing is tell us where the fountain of youth is so we can do something about it. Not that most of us will be able to do shit about it anyway since these islands are a full (real) day away and swarming with hundreds of animals that'll just 1 shot us anyway.
  10. Garfy

    Old AF Debuff

    Anyone know the location of it yet? This shit is crippling.
  11. Garfy

    Can't walk trough doors

    Can't walk through them anymore, even when they're open. Have to demolish they to get through the doorway. Good job not testing anything again!
  12. Garfy


    Some islands are just straight up better than others. Was on an island with crystals, gems, a ton of iron and even syrup trees (sap). It also has a few growable crops on it as well as an abundance of all the basic resources. It's animal spawn rate was decent too and almost none of them were hostile. Then I went to another island that had nothing. Only wood and stone (and recently fiber). And it's full of hostile animals, mostly wolves that roam around in massive packs just killing everything else. Some islands are just great. Others are trash that people only live on because they have no other choice.
  13. Saying it needs to be re-thought implies the developers actually thought about it in the first place, which they obviously didn't.
  14. Garfy

    Autofiring Ships of the Damn after last patch....

    When your solution to fixing cheaters making cannons autofire is to just make all cannons autofire. Good going devs! Top update! Brilliant logic!
  15. Garfy


    Devs don't play the game, so they don't know how bad it is and when making changes they have no point of reference to judge whether a change is good or bad.