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  1. Shakto

    Elephant taming

    It's really buggy right now. Before it was hard but not impossible... They reduced a lot the range for feed them
  2. Shakto

    Help Us Translate

  3. Shakto

    French interface

    Mettre ça en option de lancement du jeu sur steam : -culture=fr
  4. Shakto

    connectivity Never Able to Connect + Troubleshooting

    Buying a ssd and upgrading the RAM solved this issue for 2 of my computer
  5. Shakto


    vegetables, not a cooking herb
  6. Shakto

    Schooner started dancing on release.

    Not enough depth water Build your shipyard at another location
  7. Shakto

    Killing Tames PVE

    Just build walls around your animal
  8. Shakto

    ATLAS, The worst game of 2018

    Seems to be a ragequit
  9. Shakto

    Connection Lost/Timeout

    Glade to hear that, my ssd is coming. Did you have the connection issue ? (timeout)
  10. Shakto

    Game freezes after clicking connect

    Yeah, i have the bug of network issue (100%) and game loading issue (1 success on 3 try)
  11. Shakto

    Ships of the Damned

    Is it possible to avoid them ?!
  12. Shakto

    Game freezes after clicking connect

    I bought a ssd of 256Go and another 8Go DDR4 ram. Will see tomorrow if the problem is solve °° (amazon prime x) )
  13. Shakto

    bug Ok Im super pissed!!

    You can, just don't build ship for the moment and stock ressources
  14. Shakto

    PATCH destroyed Game

    - soloplay/duoplay dead It's a mmo not a lan gaming x)