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  1. This is Gandalf my grey Stallion I painted the white on him since I would love to see more horses with pretty markings (like paints, appaloosas etc)
  2. So after our very first attempt at breeding and spending 12 hours (yes, 12 hours) trying to care for and raise our little foal and having it die to an extended heat wave I personally think there should be some changes to breeding or at least raising of the babies. it's hard enough spending 8 hours getting the baby from baby to juvenile I think once you get to that point the temperature part of the raising of the baby should go away so you don't have to spend the rest of the next couple days non-stop caring for the baby. Grapeshot stated that animals would not be the focus of the game so why not shorten baby raising times or at least remove the temperature mechanic so you aren't stuck for several days non-stop caring for baby. I mean gestation takes 13 hours for a horse then baby-juvenile is another 8 hours and lord knows how many more hours from juvenile to adolescent since Juvenile hits at 10%. taking away the temperature mechanic from breeding (at least for after babies are born) would make it much simpler while still making it take time to raise the baby. Please devs work on the breeding/temperature mechanic for babies, spending 12 hours of non-stop baby horse care just to watch it die to a super long/double heat wave was super heartbreaking RIP Lucifer, our first foal
  3. Bloody Jewel Corp is currently recruiting! We are a small but friendly and active company that is situated on Grid B9. We have a nice sized patch of land where you can build your own home, tame and just have fun playing the game. Experienced players preferred but we are willing to teach as well. We are adults with jobs so we generally are active in the afternoon/evenings and on weekends taming, building, and exploring. Requirements -18+ -Relaxed -Friendly -Discord -English Feel free to send me a friend request on discord if you are interested in joining us or have more questions. Discord - LadyAutumnrose#9047
  4. I'll just list the issues we've noticed which I'm sure have been mentioned but just letting you know what we have seen on our end :) The Double Log-in- you try to load in, it takes ages then times out and when you try again it hits snapshot 16 then immediately loads in. Freeport Load-ins- when sailing into an area with a Freeport you get a giant wall of what looks like fire and the moment you enter it almost immediately sinks your ship. Resource Spawns- islands are bare, resources are not respawning. Beds Not Working- if you have a bed on your ship and you go near a claimed area or a lawless island and die you are unable to respawn on that bed. Ship Ladders- The ladder you apply to the ship needs to be easier to climb up (in my opinion) you spend too much time in the water trying to get that 'climb up' option. Mast Destroy Option- I honestly don't see a point of having a destroy option on the scroll for the masts, almost clicked it a few times when adjusting sails. Alpha Animals- I'm not sure why there are level 200+ alphas at the start of this game, it seems a little much. perhaps lower level alphas would be hard but not impossible. I think that's about it for me, loving the game so far it has many great aspects of it but some things that I think tweeking a little would be nice.
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