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  1. This does nothing to the guys on sails, just the guys doing cannon work and so on. I usually just whistle "y" on one of the crew so they can make repairs.
  2. If you want to unseat NPC's so that they aren't using a cannon/swivel/ballista just hold N for 3 seconds but remember to whistle passive so they don't freak out trying to kill fish under the boat. I believe right shift puts them back on the last cannon they were on.
  3. So base stats can be found here. https://atlas.gamepedia.com/Bear The highest roll you could get would likely be 30 points in one stat(that's gonna be extremely unlikely and nearly impossible). I would consider 140-160% a high melee and 600-800 high health(these are possible but I've not found may of them) I've done some breeding, never resulted in a mutation no matter how many generations of inbreds were there so I'm skeptical that the system is actually in for that. However you can definitely combine stats like in Ark to make a powerhouse of a bear, the one I ended up with before the wipe was around lvl 52 base from perfect tame parents(lvl 44s). I would recommend not using campfires/grills for this like the gamepedia site says but instead to use wall hooks and hang a torch at them, saves space and can be controlled by a lever via pin code to allow for much better temperature control.
  4. Most of my questions are data related as the bug / content topics seem to be mostly covered. 1. The calculations for discovery points seem to be dynamic especially for unofficials, is there a formula for this that can be released so that more accurate charts for levels can be developed? 2. Does the game ever intend on having creatures at levels like Ark has seen in the past exist?(Right now the base game has them capped at a certain level so without a custom level table unofficial levels tend to break) 3. The discord webhooks does not seem to work 100% for unofficials, is there additional configuration that needs to be done that hasn't been released yet or is the plan to only have webhooks available for officials? 4. With the discord webhook being available for tribe logs, is there any intention to allow this functionality to be expanded to admin commands or other game logs that might help server owners?
  5. Might be glitched, I'd place a new water barrel just to make sure. But there is definitely a craft icon in the water barrels inventory when making grog. Also just a tip make sure everything is empty it won't craft using full waterskins for some reason.
  6. This is correct. I am 100% unwilling to do breeding on official in it's current state as I just do not have the time and I'm not willing to put anyone else through that in the company I am in. This is due to an issue with stasis calculations causing the animal to take more health damage/food consumption from events that may occur during the time no one is there when someone comes back to the area and renders it again. If you want to breed anything, you have to be there or someone has to be there the entire duration at the moment. I've done breeding on an unofficial with faster times so that I can actually be there the entire duration and will say fires/firepits/grills seem to be inefficient when you can just pop down some torches in wall hooks. I've used 30 torches to stabilize a bear in temperatures between 0 and 40 degrees(tundra) and they last a long time compared to burning wood.
  7. We've had this happen before but it wasn't an issue with the claim flags, it's an issue with turning no collision on for structures. If that's the issue then it has been reported and I've seen some confirmation on twitter from @Jatheish about it being looked at.
  8. I'd be interested in finding out but honestly I just toss 2-3k berries into a larder near them each day that I'm on since that's the easiest thing to get the most of for me.
  9. Bear Move to Tier 3 this tame outclasses the tiger and lion easily. Chicken No changes to them just would like to have a structure to put them in that I can pay a gold cost to have auto collect turned on for them. Otherwise it's an all day job to collect their eggs which is only fun for so long. Cow Same as chicken no changes just a structure that can automate the collection of their resources(milk) for a gold cost. Bull Increase thatch harvest rate a bit. Crow Fix collision issues when taming, right now they are a bit glitchy with structures when you try to tame them. Razortooth These things are weak, these should feel like a threat and they really don't. Shieldhorn This is literally a trike from Ark. Movement style everything matches right up. A few changes to make it a bit more unique than that and move away from the berry gatherer that it is. Elephant Good as it is, gathers a ton of wood so that makes construction of ships easier. Giant Pig Honestly not sure on this one, I've tamed it and it doesn't really seem worth the waste of maize to tame let alone berries. It's weak and stamina deficient and can poop command, other than that it's one job of berry gathering is outclassed by most other tames in it's tier currently. It needs a job to be useful or at least enable the saddle option(don't require it) so that it can get some armor. Giraffe This things pretty awesome as it is. Horse Good as it is Lion Weak as it gets, needs buffed or reduced in class or simply made untameable and used as an aggressive mob that we have to just deal with. Also remove the grab from the damn alpha that's just ridiculously OP. Monkey The healing buff is pretty OP, doesn't quite outclass the medikits but does a good job on it's own. Ostrich Super fast, perhaps a bit more HP(~5%) and reduced weight. Otherwise this thing is a great travel mount. Parrot Good as it is, collision issues need fixed just like the crow. Penguin Has no affect on breeding, if they are intended to help with this then they definitely need to have expanded range on their ability and impact tames. Rabbit Has no ability, is currently just a cute shoulder pet(I personally like them). It seems like it would make sense to give this thing something related to either luck or it's ears being used as a weather radar though since I'm not sure how "luck" is currently calculated. Perhaps a mild luck bonus for treasure hunting. Rhino Good as it is. Seagull Good as it is, collision issues need fixed just like the crow. Sheep Same as chicken no changes just a structure that can automate the collection of their resources(fleece) for a gold cost. Tiger Same as lion, this thing is super weak, needs either buffed or made into a lower class(tier 2). Vulture Haven't tamed but it's a bird so probably has the same collision issues. Wolf This thing got nerfed to hell and gets used as a chew toy for almost everything else. You might as well drop it into Tier 1. Cargo Saddle - Add the ability to have a storage box/resource chest added to this so that we can transport cargo around. Have it affect the weight of the hauling tame by 25% but the weight of a boat by 100%. Saddle Blueprints - Add in higher quality or at least make the common ones upgradable so that we can protect tames better. For everyone shouting "This game isn't supposed to be about tames" We have mythical creatures that can kill players in 1-2 hits at best. We have alpha creatures that can tear you to bits in again 1-2 hits. We have super low weight to be carrying around tons of materials This is an MMO survival game that includes very few of the MMO aspects and many of the Survival ones, The few MMO ones that it has seem to be mobs that are fairly high in power and we keep getting nerfed at the player level due to PVP.
  10. If they get stuck inside of stuff you can move to another deck and they will move up/down normally. If they are in the walls you can anchor/unanchor or also move to another deck on the boat. So far I've been using this and unless another creature is in the exact same spot I've had no issues.
  11. Super uneventful night as I didn't spend a ton of time in game. Discussed the breeding mechanics with some neighbors and sailed over to deliver bears that they were buying for 1k gold. I noticed that we have an excess of ghost ships in between our two islands so I will be arming up my battle brig to take care of that for the next voyage over.
  12. So your saying you want them to recode the entire thing during this EA process to meet your needs which may or may not actually give them any new customers while their still trying to finish the game? Personally I'd rather them continue working down their development plan and if LAN/Single Player is on that list so be it, but it's not like they would be the first game to be online only(a lot do it and a lot are still successful at it). Also we're going down the "doom and gloom" bullshit again, for the most part atlas population can drop and will during the EA process. It will have it's rises and falls as people get to the end of the content and take breaks until new content comes out, using that as a justification for your wanted change just shows you don't actually understand this process.
  13. Working on databases does not equal working in game development or even understanding how their engine works in the slightest. I'm not saying they chose the best solution but they picked what worked for the engine and what worked fairly. Yes people get stuck, and honestly I'd rather that than ships that take hours of work getting sunk.
  14. Alright since you are deliberately missing the point I will spell it out in plain text so that a toddler can understand. This entire post was about options for joining the game, single player/lan/online servers. Every post I threw up was regarding the fact that they don't have to do it and they have not promised that they would have an option on the game for LAN let alone local single player. Please go read the store page if you truly believe they have promised you a full release game that has these options feel free to contact a lawyer, I'm sure they'd be happy to take your money.
  15. I couldn't care less about being a smart ass, I care about people trying to twist words because they don't agree with the full point being made. It's an EA, that already leaves out a good portion of the market. It not having single player or LAN doesn't really matter right now if they plan to have it down the road fine, if not then also fine that is entirely their decision. If it is something you want, feel free to add it to the "Suggestions" forum, especially if your gonna whine about someone posting that isn't in full agreement or has anything else to say.
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