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  1. ProfessorHulk

    Captain's Log 16: Patch v10, Anti-Cheat & Support ho!

    be grateful that it is even being implemented . if they cant release BE now then theres a good reason for it , if they could do it now im sure they would , so people will just have to be patient and understand that there is a little wait for anti-cheat protection BUT it is coming very soon
  2. ProfessorHulk

    Seeking a company spot

    Solo player, played since launch, restarted 14 times due to many of the game issues, can't find a spot of land to build a base and spot for a ship yard. Looking for a mature company that is willing to accept this cast away. I am happy to contribute to company if needed
  3. ProfessorHulk

    I lose everything, every day

    happens to me daily since they released lol 9 times dues to connection issues , server transfer issues , mass animal spawn wrecking me , people stealing my stuff from PVE storage . mass 'damned' ships destroying everything .
  4. ProfessorHulk

    Stealing from pin coded lockboxes

    this is 100% agree with , this is a must!!
  5. ProfessorHulk

    Timeout/ ADMIN pls delete my charakter

    Because this is not there official forum, this is fan made, I believe
  6. ProfessorHulk

    Official server EU PVE - join problem

    Many hours dying and starting over gain, die to connections issues to servers, like transfers and actually connectivity. Lost characters in transfer, lost characters after death cos couldn't spawn on my bed, couldn't join any server at all. Freeports seems broke somehow, setting home server does nothing, it selects at random, even then if your lucky enough to get back in, your a fresh toon. All this on EU PVE, but I'm seeing PVP, NA PVE/PVP are ez to join