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  1. Tracker is not accurate https://atlas.hgn.hu/server/274 Notice 8 hours play time for many of these N/A and servers haven't even been up that long...
  2. Enjoy the power stone and map leveling grind for a 3rd time! And your wipe gives PC over a week head start on the servers for what reason? "Permanent"... Just imagine that statement being true. The game never changing enough to need another wipe... GL
  3. Stop any focus on single player/private server and completely focus on MMO. Or Completely focus on private servers and abandon the MMO. Stop doing both. We don't want ark -2.0
  4. I guess if you're playing the game to enjoy single player or modded private servers, you can still have hope for the game...
  5. Grapeshot only did it right by having the game be half price during "early access" with plans to increase at launch. We bought in expecting a modded ark that has a roadmap to an mmo. However, unlike what that video points out, Atlas has NO roadmap. They're just winging it and hoping shit turns out okay. It worked in Ark but that won't work for an MMO that attempts an economy and conquest. And in saying MMO with economy and conquest... Single player, private servers, pve servers HAVE NO PLACE IN AN MMO LIKE THIS. Make the game to for 1 server. Ffs...
  6. They attempted this solution in Ark, so we all just put down 2 foundations or stacked 2 pillars. It didn't work then It won't work now Wtf devs
  7. Hypocrite probably wasn't the word you're looking for. Reading the forums, updates, news, etc is exactly what I'm suggesting instead of playing a game you don't enjoy the current state of. There is nothing wrong with monitoring progress of a game. But for anyone on the fence about if they're actually enjoying the game or anyone always hoping the next patch fixes x,y,z, I highly suggest putting this game on the back burner and spending your game time playing soon something you find enjoyable with all features. Stop trying out early access games and playing them like it's the full game. Sure testing a patch is fine, but seriously, play something else as your main game.
  8. People should quit playing games because they have potential and instead only play games that already achieved it. You either sit here and make posts about everything that would fix the game (in your opinion) Or People sit here and defend a game that continues to lose population at a steady pace. I used to defend the game, make the wish lists posts, pipe in about what the game needs... We aren't the developers. We aren't content creators. We don't read books with chapters missing and tell the author what they should write. We don't watch tv series with characters missing and tell them to redo episodes. Why do we accept this from the video game industry? Put the game down and enjoy your time in other games until this game is finished, if it ever is. The separation seems hard but you'll be happier after you do it.
  9. They need to take all their work and go back to the drawing board on what they're actually doing. A complete redo using the knowledge gained so far. The final game should barely resemble what we have now. Completely redo map and how biomes work along with territories and all that jazz. There are countless amazing features in MMOs that already exist and they could easily just adapt those to work in Atlas. But it seems there going ark 2.0 with this. Can't have an mmo with pve and pvp split like this along with all the private server and now single player.
  10. There is a bug people mentioned that flags are taken from before local chests. Not sure if the devs bothered to put out the word...
  11. Lol... Pirates in Atlas. Absurd. Farmers and animal killers are all there are.
  12. At this point, it may as well be a dunce cap.
  13. Tavern building Like we all wanted.
  14. Because while we all ask for a tavern building, they have to be unique and lazy with thought process. Seriously, they should just sit around and think through why a tavern was requested instead of just a flag before wasting a half effort. Follow through with the tavern so everyone can enjoy this feature.
  15. Hahahaha You guys and your couple of ships... Enjoy feeding an entire PvP island with berries. But keep saying we don't need QoL features. Enjoy your single player mmo
  16. Should have been added immediately after the last wipe. Too late. Devs dragged their feet and players moved on.
  17. Nothing worth the effort of killing one. Just use the new camels to get it wet.. lol.....
  18. Guys, they buffed swords. Just clear that masterwork map spawn with swords! /s These guys have no idea how their game actually plays or handles. GA islands are cancer to even do powerstones or FoY. What pve experience is anyone actually getting out of this game? And I'm sure some people tried to play it "right"and cleared the spawn. Hey, guess what. A pile of nakeds just did it faster and easier. But instead of fixing this garbage, absolute trash, steaming heaping pile of feces, they remove swivels effectiveness on undead. Why not just swivels on boats? Why can't you slow cart swivels? Anyways, using a bear swipe easily clears any possible undead spawn size anyways. Having trouble? Use 2 bears. Need gold? Bring bears to GA and farm undead for 30k+ gold per hour SOLO. Imagine organized groups doing it? 1 patch effectively removed all value of gold... Holy sh!t these devs... ALL WE WANTED WAS TO PAY/FEED FOR CREW ACROSS THE WHOLE ISLAND WITH A TAVERN ITEM No mention of that coming though. So they can continue burning out players who will get wrapped up in other games and never look back.
  19. Who the hell buys an mmo then requests single player?
  20. REMOVE THE ABILITY TO MAKE BASES ON TOP OF PILLARS! Then maybe I'll talk about grenade carry out limits. These posts are very short sighted...
  21. Blackjacks and liquid flame are the only balance right now... Blackjacks give you a chance to not get stomped by every tame in the game. Without liquid flame, tames would be near god mode in PvP... The days of pvp tames with 500 health are LONG gone. You want to swivel down a 2500hp bear, not including imprint riderbuffs? This original post will quickly turn into "we need a percent damage to reduce the power gap!"
  22. We don't step on all our boats for weeks. They're still there... OP clearly stated the boat was on another island. Either way, sounds like excessive boats
  23. Is this post a complaint about boats that don't get used in about 10 days disappearing?? I wish this would happen in our harbor... You must have not visited that island for 10 days or something. If that's so, then you don't need it. Deal with the game mechanics to make the game playable. It's not a reality simulator. The game has limitations.
  24. Behe gates.. Look, the idea of invulnerable structures 24/7 is stupid. Drop it
  25. It's a very niche game. There is such an extreme amount of content missing to break out of that to grow population, the die hard will have to suffer extreme low population with blind faith that the devs will pull it off while the trolls run around saying how right they are about the game's dead and how dumb the remaining players are. Welcome to niche. I love the company I play with and the companies around us. What's really hard to accept is knowing without Atlas, there really isn't anything we can all enjoy like this together. This has the open world of am mmo (vs Ark servers) and the freedom of a sandbox on a grand scale. So, where are the players going?? No where. They're waiting for the game to get good. Or the next game to come out. But there's countless players just killing time in random games, waiting for Atlas (or another conquest game) to have enough content to enjoy. This game needs more than what it has for farming and gear grind. Make us run pve dungeons for more than 1 unlock that we never need again. Make resources more uniform across settler islands in multiple biomes with rare resources that need to be farmed on islands you CAN'T build on. You could remove half the lawless tiles and switch them over. Force players into the water to gain experience and materials. Create conflict over resource rich areas that aren't people's bases. Make leveling options other than boring mob farming. Repeatable quests in areas that drive conflict with different scales of risk/reward. More dungeons like the snowman but much earlier on with reasons to go back. Even something on the starter island, the classic "rats under the tavern" quest to get people more involved. We have an empty shell. To be an mmo, we need all the fluff.
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