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  1. Test server is being set up, i think it'll still take some hours before it's open. About the tames being strong against players, well ... That's the meta on land just like ARK so why whine about it ? Instead of nerfing, i think the devs should focus on giving players options on how to raid an ennemy base or port and options for the defenders as well. Again, only the weak players that can't create a strategy will cry about things being too strong. In the case of tames, you just have to get strong tames in your side just to defend ... If bear canon are strong, then get bear canon to defend your base and that's it (For now, because i'm sure devs will find new mechanics to give more option in terms in of PVP).
  2. So ... We got whinners in this post, just bitching about the game but doesn't say anything to make it better ... And those same people tell other people they suck just because they give a constructive opinion about the game and what should get a focus to make it better. That's utterly stupid, if you have nothing to say than just crying or litteraly insult people, just quit the post and say goodbye, we don't need you for this game nor the game need you at all, you're dead meat. About the next update of the game, i'm happy they are finally doing what have been requested since the first week. - Claim rework (Was so much needed and asked) - Vitamin rework (Was so much asked, but not needed, game is still playable even if this system is a piece of *bip*) - SOTD rework and variety in their design (Was so much needed and asked) - Player trades via shops or other things (Was so much needed and asked) What makes an MMO shine is it's content and the possibilities it offers, those shops are a step futher in the trading element of the game even if it's still not gonna be perfect, in my opinion, we really need trade routes, not everybody wanna search for treasure H24, we need other gameplay elements to provide gold, and trading is one of the best way to make it possible. Buy those resources in this freeport then sail for ten minutes to sell it in another freeport, or in a player port to make your profit ... Or make the cafting element of the game shine by forcing players to use it (Only manufactured product can be sold with this system). For example, everybody can harvest wood in the wild, so why NPC's should even buy it from you ? Or if they buy it, that would be really low price like 1 gold for 100 wood, but what would happen if you had the forger skill and craft metal ingots with your wood and the metal you harvested ? Oh baby !! Now NPC would buy it because metal is something that's used in everything. Same can go for clothes, armor, weapons and every manufactured item with a dynamic variation in the price that's evloving with the quantity of product you sell. For exemple : 10 people will sell their clothes and armor to NPC, the price will drop because the offer gotten bigger on this item categories, but at the same time, the price of others product would have raised because nobody sold them what's needed. That can be a really deep element of the game, and really important too, because players would think of everything they get or loot, even when they are raiding, they would try to steal everything they can to sell it and make profit out of their raids. You raid someone, you steal what they have, then you sell it, you buy better equipement with it, better canons, better ships, then you raid someone else and so it can go on ... Trading can be a big part of the game but without forcing player to make trading to get stronger. I can tell a stupid example for that, but we could have stats for the canons, wich could be upgraded a number of times (Just like in a real MMO with weapon enchantments), but that would be really expensive, and this kind of canon would be buyable from NPC's at a very high price or sold (Because some crafting/trading maniac like me would be stupid enough to upgrade tons of canons to max level just to make stupid amount of gold and then never use it). MEDIUM CANON : Lv1 canon : 100% damage (Overall abilities, so splash damage, etc) Lv2 canon : 125% damage (Overall abilities, so splash damage, etc) Lv3 canon : 150% damage (Overall abilities, so splash damage, etc) Lv4 canon : 175% damage (Overall abilities, so splash damage, etc) Lv5 canon : 200% damage (Overall abilities, so splash damage, etc) MEDIUM CANON PRICE : Lv1 canon : (28 Alloy / 14 Fibers / 20 Hide / 42 Wood) Lv2 canon : (70 Alloy / 35 Fibers / 50 Hide / 105 Wood) x2.5 Price Lv3 canon : (175 Alloy / 88 Fibers / 125 Hide / 263 Wood) x2.5 Price And on and on ... Only the strongest would have access to the strongest weapons and that's how an MMO should be, the more time you spend into the game and the stronger you become, that's how an MMO work and how it should work ... (It's as stupid as a Diablo game, you get loot, you get stronger, you go kill stronger monsters, you get stronger loot, then you go fight stronger monsters that are stronger than the stronger monsters from before, etc, etc, etc). Anyway, this game have an enormous potential, so don't ruin it with your baby whinning, what are you seriously ? Twelve years old kid that get mad because mom didn't want to buy a shity ice scream ? XD PS : Stop crying about the new creatures because the game doesn't evolve only around you and some pirates prefer to tame beasts and breed them instead of figthing wars, that's my case and i want Atlas to offer diversity because that's all an MMO is about. WOW is still here and it give tons of things to do when you log in, same for Dofus or Wakfu wich are old MMORPG'S but they are still here, because they give tons of things to do, and that's what ATLAS need.
  3. Well ... How will we DL the new test patch then if the other 3 server stay on an older version of the game ? People that are gonna play on PTR wont be able to go play on their server because their client will be updated. Feel strange to me.
  4. My entire company and discord already stoped playing. No worry, we wont miss the game, but we're still gonna inform new players about how much cancer we got from it.
  5. Yeah, there is work to do ... And most of streamers that waited ATLAS stoped playing it because it sucks richt now.
  6. You didn't play the boss arena ... You didn't watch the video nor played with an entire fleet while i did, so no, you're not even talking about you have seen since you seen nothing ... Sinking 1 SOTD at a time with a Galleon, what a thing !! But no way for you to sink 3 of them at the same time, and that's basically what is happening in the boss arena since they spawn more than 20 SOTD ships with it + tentacules dealing so much damages. So you're not sad, you're just delusionnal, you refuse to accept the truth even if it's right in front of your eyes
  7. Yep ... exactly the one that sunk my 14 canon full crewed Schooner in 1 minute :3 But i dunno we sunk them too, so it's ok ? Wait no !! It took 5 hours to grind for the gold/schooner materials, damn. EDIT : This game's totaly ARK with some pirate shit on it.
  8. If you watched the video you would have seen all the SOTD spawning ... But you're stupid so you alk while being missinformed, that's what people always tend to do anyway ... Especially the ones on that forum. When people will start to open their eyes, they will see that this game is bad, really bad, even for an early access.
  9. Our 7 galion sunk and only the 2 drakes survived ... SOTD way too OP for galion to take on, they are just too much of them spawning. This boss is impossible unless you have a ton of ships to lose, and it gives nothing, no level, no XP, no loot, nothing :3
  10. It's bugued as fuck, we tryed it on Private server ... 7 galion and 2 dragons ... It's bugued as fuck and man, it's too long, too hard, too stupid. So actually a video showing you the clusterfuck of stupidity it actually is :
  11. Played 130 hours on it ... Probably more than you, i already did everything the game had to offer, and it doesn't offer anything that's pirate related. OH COOL treasure hunt and ? And ? And ? Nothing
  12. Don't bother play this game, refund it ... It's bad ... Too bad, too much cancer, it's ARK with a Pirate Reskin but you do the same things as ARK ~ Dying 1000 times to everything, punching woods, losing your ship you took 30 hours to build in 1 minute, etc. Go look on Youtube he he !!
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