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  1. Rhianna

    ATLAS: Mega-Update 1.5 Release Info

    Well its usually the other way round
  2. Rhianna

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    Wanted to say thanks to Pindrought for the vid - got it at M12 on 2nd try That's after multiple attempts at other locations so I'm young again and can hope that this is somewhat changed for future .
  3. Rhianna

    Help! Can't seem to get character to load.

    thers a hack (probably by either HUnter Douyu or Gucci Gang) going on where no one can transfer servers , might be what is happening to you - read the official atlas discord for more info
  4. Rhianna

    Thanks again for no region locks

    Well Im from Aus and I know a lot of Aussie players. I also play with friends from all over the world - if they region lock me to eu or oceanic I wont be playing. You forget there is a lot of us that would be stuck with the chinese players if they region locked it. I for one am glad it isn't region locked, chinese or not.
  5. Rhianna

    Poll on Age Mechanic

    All I know is 5 of us quit and went to the unofficial servers over this lame mechanic - while I don't disagree with the aging process, the implementation of it sucks - Ill come back when breeding a child is in, then I do not have to go to the stupid foy where I just die over and over again, usually by chinese than gigantic mobs. I hope the devs listen to this thread b ut not holding out much hope that it will be reversed. Best option will be to give everyone the reversal to 20 and wait to re-introduce the FOY when you can breed children to replace yourself
  6. Rhianna

    Crashing on Server Search

    Yup happening here too adn to at least 3 of my friends
  7. Rhianna

    Hud missing since patch

    no hud, cant change region cos Im in a house so cant open doors without HUD - this sucks
  8. Rhianna

    Hud missing since patch

    also no HUD, hope they fix this fast - have 3 hours and have to go to work
  9. Rhianna

    kicked from server and now cannot join any server

    same happened with me, trying to get to j9 freeport area and it jsut timeouts - need the servers restarted Devs!!!!!!
  10. I'm stuck trying to log into J9 on Krakens Maw pvp . I cannot try diferent servers as no option just rejoin. I keep getting timeouts, tried everything short of reinstalling and am extremely frustrated. When is this gonna be fixed.
  11. Rhianna

    Respawned in bilge of sloop

    As title says, tried to spawn on boat, now am stuck in bilge lol
  12. Rhianna

    I can't buy the game

    Steam crashed, cant add money to wallet either apparently - too many nerds trying to download at the same time
  13. Rhianna


    yeah I bought it also before the discount was added On the other hand all my friends are begging me for a copy lol
  14. Rhianna

    I cant buy GAme why?

    Steam froze - its wqhy steam dont usually allow early access games starting on weekends cos no steam employees are working
  15. Rhianna

    Downloading now

    I am one of only 2 of my friends that is downloading, lol steam server / cart frozen for most - also paid full price cos 2 quick :/