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    So for EU PVP server, I get this error message. Not that you give a shit, obviously. I'm just venting here, becuase I dream of getting either my money back (Not gonna happen, these retards made sure of that when they dick slapped us with their shit servers for 18 hours.) or playing the game. For some reason for EU PVE on the otherhand. I am able to play, but alas. I didn't get a pirategame to hold hands with other players and build boats. (Nice trailer btw. Holy shit, I have never been so fooled in my entire life. I hope early access burns to the ground.) Hey good reskin tho, one would imagine that if you just relaunced your own game it would actually fucking work. You can't even ctrl-c and ctrl-v. amazing. Miss me with this shit. Refund me. You wont even read this EX DE.
  2. Played fine yesterday, but now I was raided and had to start over from scratch, fair enough so I picked a new home server and after that I got so fucked in the ass that I don't know what to do. I spawned at he bottom of the ocean 2 times, drowned and ever since I have endless walls of error messages. I can't log back on. (Reinstalled, verified files and all that shit). But hey even after several hours of not playing on launch, and only playing a few hours yesterday I can't refund this shit cuz hey, u played more then 2 hours mate so fuck you.
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