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  1. Our entire company is running into an error where we cannot build ANY ships. We've tried different grids, new and old shipyards, doubling the resources required, using old resource requirements for ships, and scuttling useless ships. When we insert the materials into the shipyard we get the following error, "Not Enough Resources!" We suspect it may be an issue with the limit of ships not properly counting per grid, but rather the entirety of all ships on all servers. Has anyone encountered this and have a potential fix?
  2. Our entire Company is getting the same exact error. We've tried different grids, new and old shipyards, using old ship resource requirements ETC. FIX THIS SHIT ASAP
  3. Our leader encountered the bug yesterday where your character would delete and you would be forced to make a new one, however he was leader. Now we have no access to leadership controls yet we have land claims, and ships, base and etc. What do we do? Can any admins help?
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