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  1. Most if this sounds awesome but pleeeeease add better foods for some of the tames or up their percentage. We are rocking .8 per feeding on rhinos who have an insane splash range that feeding them is REALLY difficult(maybe have the chin area be a safe zone when its bola'd since you arent in a spot where the horn would hit you) and you get hardly any effectiveness because it drops rapidly each feeding. The veggies already spoil insanely fast, please buff the food or add something better. Also pretty surprised how squishy they are.
  2. NyanRose

    MASSIVE Overspawn!!

    Right now there are MASSIVE over spawn issues on kraken's Maw pvp, we have lions and tigers on our island and they are typically doable but right now there is a MASSIVE over spawn of them, making it near impossible to do anything with about 10 lions/tigers constantly spawning. You kill one and 3 more respawn in it's place. PLEASE fix this asap!!
  3. NyanRose

    Merging Companies

    so...yah...merging doesn't work properly. If your tribe had anything not in the immediate area of you it doesn't accept your tribe members. Tribe leader did a merge and it moved over the tames and base, but let the members trapped in a base that is no longer theirs. Please fix this quickly! This is a big issue
  4. NyanRose

    taming Tames are useless

    I tamed my first tiger last night...realized it only gets 2 levels. I get weakening tames to be more player fight based but ONLY 2 levels? At least let us get SOME enjoyment for those of us that love riding mounts. I was drawn to these games and stick with them because I love the creatures. This just makes me so very sad how useless they are. Plus for only 2 levels why bother letting them get xp at all? They dont gain enough in stats for that to be worth even having.
  5. I dont get why people can steal land on pve. Just limit the amount of claims a company can have, and do a timer until claim able if th owners haven't been online for a certain number of days. If someone is messing with you and throwing down claim flags to grief you then you cant even kill them to get rid of them. It's a horrible system.
  6. NyanRose

    So I don't get this game?

    Just to clarify this is more a rust game than an mmo. Mmos have balancing so that new players have more of a shot, and you can find enjoyment regardless of the cheaters. The griefers and chinese swarm will kill these servers like official ark eventually. So I wish they wouldn't call this an mmo. This game style CANNOT work for an mmo. I wish you luck though, pvp will always be difficult. Maybe pve would work put better for ya.
  7. NyanRose

    The map is completely occupied(Claim)

    I would say tribes should have limits in how many claims they can have. Eventually you will have a handful of tribes too powerful to take from.
  8. Pleeeeease they need their own server. Even on the us servers it's a huge problem. They were awful on ark officials (made me quit with their their bs on pve) and are soooo mich worse here.
  9. NyanRose

    Chinese names

    I suppose this would apply to foreign characters in names, but they appear as boxes to most of the population. This is bad because if we catch someone doing things against the rules, they cant be reported. This was a big issue on ark, when a chinese tribe used rock golems to wipe out 90% of the server we couldnt even report them because their names were all boxes. With the thousands on atlas this has only gotten worse should something happen. Please dont make people and their tribes report proof. Just ban the characters in names on us and EU severs. And pleeeeease add servers for parts of Asia to help with the mass quantity!
  10. NyanRose

    Taming and how it actually works.

    So...I am confused. I keep hearing bulls take rushes...so I have up to taming three (should be more than enough for a bull...) and I took it down iwth a bola...I go up with bare hands, rushes in my last slot, and it only gives me the option to remove the bola. What am I doing wrong exactly?