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  1. Castillo

    0.5 quality maps

    From what I noticed, this is pretty recent, I used to always get at least 1.3+ (maps worth at least 80 gold) quality for maps within my region, but since one of the latest patches, every single map I find for the region I'm in is 0.5 quality, 17 gold.
  2. Castillo

    Where is PVE NA server

    That makes no sense, why would the NA servers be in Germany?
  3. Castillo

    2 Weeks

    Funny how they call it a "bonus", if I knew there wouldn't be a NA server, I wouldn't have bought the game. There's a big difference playing with over 250 ping than playing with 160 (I'm from South America), and even more so with this game, which becomes a lag fest once 30+ players are in the same server.
  4. No more idle robbing players with taxes. Still, I will probably uninstall the game until full release, wiping after only 3 months in a "MMO" game is bs, considering how long everything takes to make, just a week ago I finished my Galleon (I'm a casual solo player, not 24/7 nolifer), which didn't even get to use yet.
  5. Castillo

    Claims and Taxes in PvE need work.

    Why are you suddenly posting in spanish when everybody else is posting in english? this is the PVE section, go with your PVP arguments elsewhere. We don't expect everything to be handed out to us just because we play PVE, but we don't like the fact that greedy players spam flags with no repercussion, just so they can sit tight and get free resources from the players that are forced to harvest in those areas. And the whole "top companies" being selected by how many claims they spammed is beyond stupid, it indeed is making things worse.
  6. Castillo

    Claims and Taxes in PvE need work.

    "rent" land? that doesn't even work, since if you build in someone else's claim, and then the claim owners lose that land, you will also lose your structures, plus you have to trust that the player "renting" you land won't change the building allowance after you built on it. Player count keeps going down, could be for a million reasons, but I bet the PVE claim flag spam is a major one.
  7. Castillo

    Claims and Taxes in PvE need work.

    But resources respawn, so it's not like you are taking them forever.
  8. Castillo

    Claims and Taxes in PvE need work.

    Yes, because it takes soooooooooo much effort to press F1 and click to place a claim flag... Sure, now it takes time to find free land claims, but at first, everyone claimed everything, with no intention of using it to build, just to rob players with taxes that give the payer nothing in return. Also "protecting" the land from what exactly? this is PVE, not PVP. I don't understand what do you mean this: "When a big ship comes and wipes out all the metal out of the nodes on your land", since resources respawn rather quickly. Yes, I would, beats giving 30% of what I harvest to someone that does nothing for me.
  9. Castillo

    Claims and Taxes in PvE need work.

    Tax system doesn't really belong in PVE, since you get nothing from paying taxes. Why pay 30% of everything you harvest/dig up for nothing? it doesn't make any sense, at the very least it should be lowered to maximum 10-15% in PVE.
  10. So, I noticed something weird when leveling stamina on my elephant, the UI shows how much it'll get and what the new stamina will be, but when I actually the apply level up, it doesn't end up being the amount it said it would be. Before applying level up: After applying level up: As you can see, it gave me 39.6 stamina instead of the 75.2 it said it'll get.
  11. Actually, they did change, but instead of going down of up to 50% like the patch notes claim, they went up in some cases (ship shells). Brigantine used to cost the following to craft just the shell: Fibers: 1080 Metal: 160 Thatch: 2160 Wood: 1400 now it costs: Fibers: 1512 Metal: 224 Thatch: 3024 Wood: 1960 Galleon seems to remain the same, no changes in the costs of the shell itself. Some of the parts of the ship (decks, planks, gunports) have small reductions in cost: Medium deck: Fiber: 94 instead of 110 Thatch: 176 instead of 200 Wood: 246 instead of 280 Medium plank: Fiber: 408 instead of 480 Metal: 6 Thatch: 360 instead of 420 Wood: 432 instead of 480 Medium gunport: Fiber: 408 instead of 480 Metal: 64 Thatch: 360 instead of 420 Wood: 432 instead of 520
  12. Castillo


    Yeah, they should really get this patched, it makes hiring crew pointless and a waste of time.
  13. You have to blame the lack of imagination from the devs, exploits like this should have been found long before hitting early access. Griefing isn't something new, so the devs should have forseen this sort of thing and put systems in place to prevent it.
  14. Castillo


    Patch notes say nothing about locking containers (campfires, smithies, etc) in PVE.
  15. Castillo


    You CAN'T kill players in PVE, so how are you supposed to deal with thieving fa****? They can't even properly copypaste a fully working mechanic (locking every single container in PVE).