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  1. Isak Ashenfell

    Bluescreen when starting with battleye

    so since this battleye update my pc has been crashing and giving me a bluescreen when starting the game with battleye,works fine without it,any fixes?
  2. Isak Ashenfell

    Remove sea claims

    Sea claims do nothing other than lag the server if theirs tons of them together like in A4 and you can get into the company leaderboard just by spamming them in open sea, you shouldnt be able to claim the open sea,just land
  3. Isak Ashenfell

    Spawning under ship deck and falling off

    so i spawn on a schooner and alot of times i spawn under the deck unable to get out ,and also i spawn in the ocean while its moving fast alot of the times
  4. Isak Ashenfell

    You search for land? Come here!

    ok kid
  5. Isak Ashenfell


    Reduce the amount of watersprouts.It should be a rare occurance,not something that happens every 10 minutes when you sail a ship
  6. Isak Ashenfell

    Too many ship of the damned

    Way too many ships of the damned..its pathetic seeing one every 5 minutes,its like the devs dont want us to sail and explore
  7. Isak Ashenfell

    Base Raiding

    Raiding on bases is impossible because the defender can just instantly replace the wall that the attackers destroy,there should be some sort of timer for replacing walls
  8. Isak Ashenfell

    Alliance members not counting to ship weight

  9. Alliance members dont weigh down a ship from a different allied company
  10. Isak Ashenfell

    Cooking is useless

    There is no point to going through the effort of gathering all the ingredients for cooking if youre just going to be hungry again in 15 minutes,or you can just respawn with no penalties.This needs to be looked at