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  1. Hey, we are currently looking for decent blueprints ( metal armor, bow, any firearms, any melee weapon) and thatch amounts from 50-250k. We have almost every ressource and some animals available for trade. PM with your offer when you are interested. -Yamshu
  2. Fix duping so chinese and russians stop duping with server ddos ty
  3. Server down for couple of hours ! bring back up ...alot of stuck players
  4. Hey First of all my Char is stucked in Eu PVP M10! EU PVP M10 is down for couple of days now which is really bad because I/we enjoy the game pretty much! It has a great potential but we are forced to play on PvE Servers which isnt that bad but for us PvP is much more interesting! Please bring that Server back up or swap chars to another server! I guess alot of people are stuck in downed servers and it wouldnt be nice if the hype goes down cause we cant even log into our Chars to swap the region!
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