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  1. Hello All, I wish to share a new server that went up just moments ago. A modest 3x3 sandbox with 10x to most rates. (XP, Taming, Gathering). Looking forward to meeting some new folks while crafting a server you may call home. Happy to answer any questions you may have.
  2. Someone posted a 32 core xeon server a week or so ago. Atlas only recognized 20. I'm not sure what he might have been doing wrong but there may be a limitation for Atlas. If that is the case would need to turn to virtualization for the Ryzen as well. So very tempted to build a new rig. I think its the Ryzen 3 series im waiting to see. Only problem is justifying moving up from a 1080. Doesnt seem to be a value move lol
  3. Too rich for my blood lol. This isnt the next gen of AMD CPUs is it? I feel like I heard the upcoming AMDs are gonna give intel a run.
  4. Aye, I'm familiar with i7/i9 vs xeon applications. Just didnt realize the core clock was THAT important. Raw processing power of non xeons has always been better. Also agreed on ECC ram. Didnt really cross my mind as needing it. Curious, what kind of usage are you seeing on the 9900k and under what conditions? (Number of grids and players playing). Id also be curious about system power consumption.
  5. I did. Seems to be fine. Ill let you know if I discover otherwise lol
  6. I think we are beating a dead horse at this point. You guys already made a good point that HT is garbage. My googling seems to reinforce that ideal. Again, will the 9900k perform well. Yes. Is it wasted. Also still yes. At this point you are trying to say the HT of the i9 is worth its addl price tag. It isnt. Not my words. Your original point is... sure... valid versus Xeons. Ill take your word for it that core speed is the bees knees for Ark/Atlas. But why not a 9700k i7? Basically the same as the 9900k but cheaper and not HT. Just need the cores right? save yourself some money. Lastly. Fair point. You guys have taught me that Xeons are inferior to i7 series so I appreciate the take away. As to how inferior... I'd like to see some numbers. I wish I was rich so I could just tinker benchmarks all day lol. Too bad servers are saturated right now. If it became apparent I needed an i7/i9 host id totally splurge but man its tough to get some people. Cheers to you guys and best wishes!
  7. https://www.drac346.net/2018/12/atlas-dedicated-server-setup-main-menu.html?m=1 Refer to parts 3 and 4
  8. Having this issue now when attempting to construct walls on my ship.
  9. Have you created firewall rules for all ports involved as well are forwarded all said ports on your router?
  10. If your exported grid image names are named correctly and in the jpg extension. Id check to ensure seamlessdata port is open. I see rcon using 27000 in the server manager but the dataport in ur config is also on 27000. Mine at least are different 27000 is my dataport and 27020 is my rcon port.
  11. Anyways if we wanna talk about the xeon cpu. I agree they arnt meant for game servers. They are meant as enterprise level business solutions. So far however they have performed well for me and at a very moot cost. So thus, bang for the dollar is there and refutes being "dead wrong".
  12. Fair to say i7/i9 perform better for ark. Never disagreed. The 9900k is still overkill. A 9700 wouldve peformed better for the money as you say the hyper threading is useless. I remain skeptical my xeons at 3.6 are gonna be a problem. If it happens ill admit im wrong on that point. At under 300 dollars this entire thing has been doing just fine. It peaked at 80 players and no one noticed a hiccup. Again my original troll on this thread is the 9900k is overkill. My server is irrelevant to that point.
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