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  1. I have decided to get back in to Atlas and an building a custom map got the first power stone quests set and marked on the islands everything is ready to get going. I wanted to test the power stone quest. I got to the islands army of the dammed are spawning then dispersing into the ground and leaving behind gold. the hydra shows till i get near then vanishes but still can attack. i get near where it is and use cheat kill command he dies i get the artifact key. i go to the power stone alter and i get the stone all the while enemies falling thru ground. i go the the water and i begin walking in the water then walk under it and continue walking to the ocean floor as if walking down a hill. breath timer never starts up seems i am not actually under water. so water and enemies are bugged on every PVE island but not any of the normal ones at all. i can even ride a boat to the edge of the PVE island as normal then jump off and fall to the ocean floor. I ran a server earlier in the year these issues were not there it was a 3x3. so any help would be great. I plan to start running it in January and would love to have it right. i have looked around but have not seen this glitch repeated Also any information you need on my server i am happy to give as soon as i am able thanks for any help you can offer me
  2. Kyovolk

    Land Animals do not spawn

    I made a new server 3x3 and once i was done it loaded fine. But for whatever reason with everything from maps to power stones working great. there is not a single land animal in game. Plenty of sea life. Has anyone else had this issue? If so is there a way to fix it. It makes no since to me seeing as the land animal spawns are supposed to be tied to the island. But please any help would be great. Also even if you cant help up vote this so maybe someone who knows whats going on will see this post thanks.
  3. Kyovolk

    Mobs not Spawning

    I have set up a custom 3x3 server and for some reason no land mobs spawn on the islands. Even the power stone island and cave was completely empty. Sea mobs spawn just fine everything else works but not a single land beast. I had thought that land mobs were tied directly to the selected island. But I am at a loss. Any help would be great.
  4. Having this issue as welll
  5. i am having the same issue did you ever find a fix?
  6. yes but i dont see army of the damned in there thats my question
  7. I am looking to do an even on my server where a town gets attacked be the army of the dammed but so far i cant find a way to summon then thru the admin codes. any help would be great. i am probably missing something simple but yeah help if you can.
  8. did you ever get it figured out having the same issue here.
  9. Kyovolk

    Fence and structure collision

    i have the same issue or it will just refuse placement of the wall all together unless i am 2 fence supports high and you can crawl under them with ease
  10. Kyovolk

    Land a grab crazies.

    And just food for thought at the end of the day nobody should be killing you just for being on their island and getting resources. when the resources regenerate as rapidly as they do if they were finite it would be a completely different thing. but as it stands now as long as you're not attacking their structures or their objects there is no reason to run people off an island when you are stopping to get wood or metal that's just being a jerk and it makes the game worse for other people. making the game better for everyone had including a good PvP naval combat hand-to-hand combat when it fits the situation makes it more immersive and at the end of the day a better experience even for those that lose.
  11. Kyovolk

    Land a grab crazies.

    I actually just want A small base of operations and a shipyard so I can build a ship for me and my friends to go out and have adventures on the C interacting with other players and possibly even fighting go ships eventually. I have no intention to take over an entire sector that's unreasonable in my opinion expresly for a group of small as my group. I want to play the game I want to be the pirate on the ocean I honestly don't wanna be on land more than I have to be to repair my ship. So a single land claim is really all I need but it's almost impossible to find that I need if you find it the island isn't habited by aggressive kill on sight players instead of people that wait for you to do something worth killing for. I have always held a vast distinction between kill on sight and PvP
  12. Kyovolk

    Land a grab crazies.

    And another thing as far as trade and PvP is concerned if you limits how much a person can claim or a company can claim then they're gonna be required to trade more because they're gonna need things that aren't in their area. also if you've got multiple clans on an island that's gonna give you good PVP if things go badd. And that also means that enemies of yours from another island could potentially find allies on your island to stage attacks. it actually opens up more Room for various kinds of battle not just straight blow you up we're done haha we win. if there's not area available for people who don't have a large group to play you're gonna lose players and though those players might be only 34 or 5 people in a group if you lose a 100 of those groups you've potentially lost 500 players. So that's why I suggest this its basically an overall balancing mechanic. so you can still be ultra powered in the water with your giant ships but you don't need to have an entire island to do that.
  13. Kyovolk

    Land a grab crazies.

    When will people designing games ever learn that if you have a land claim system, without a reasonable cap people will abuse it to the point of taking away quality of the game itself. Firstly the way I see it a solo character at maximum should be able to claim 2 or 3 land pieces. Once you form a company the 1st person in you will have a total of 5 land claims. And then every 2 or 3 people that join the company afterward you get have an extra land claim. but there needs to be a cap somewhere so you can't just take over an entire sector of the game. PVP is fun I enjoy the hell out of it but if you can't even get a ship made and you're stuck on a raft for 5 hours because everyone says the land is claimed if you land they're gonna kill you because you might take something of theirs. no one's gonna get to immerse into the game except people that have groups of 30, 40, 50, or 100 people small groups of 3 to 10 people will never get to enjoy a game like this and have the occasional epic naval battles they want to have.
  14. Kyovolk

    E11 Spawn

    The E11 server is not rotating spawn point as it was earlier today. And now everyone only spawns in a pit of electric eels jelly fish and angler fish. no matter how many times we respawn. i have tried at least 30 times. I had finally got things set up and now this mess lol joys of early access games. please tend to this matter as soon as you can. Kyo