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  1. With how quickly the population dropped, it's doubtful. 1 Atlas server is like 225 Ark servers (hardware).
  2. Lynx

    This isn't PVE, change it.

    I really liked the land claim (and upkeep) system in Wurm Online. The Devs need to make it exponentially more expensive to expand claim. Land claims should be rectangular and have a buffer zone with no overlap. Lawless should never have existed, it was a bandaid. Inexperienced devs not realizing their promised 40k players per "server" would all have to funnel through the Freeport grids/servers.
  3. Lynx

    This isn't PVE, change it.

    Just having a good idea or premise isn't enough. It's all about the execution. The current game systems in Atlas just aren't fun (for everyone, should be in an mmo) and the trend seems to be going from bad to worse.
  4. Lynx

    This isn't PVE, change it.

    Atlas keeps sinking in the steam charts.
  5. Lynx

    This isn't PVE, change it.

    That's called slavery not being a tenant. Renters in the real world have rights.
  6. I don't get it either. When I bought the game, I assumed I could set it up just like Ark. For Ark I use ASM and never tried manually with .bat files. But I use my local LAN IP for Ark and it works just fine. Spent hours trying to get Atlas to work, even tried the port forwarding stuff. But my mobile isp dosen't work for that. So I refunded never getting to play.
  7. I gave up. But so far no news on 100% LAN server connections.
  8. Lynx

    Single PLayer

    Hopefully the devs give us a statement on this. If they are never going to add a single player mode or allow LAN only servers, they should let us know. I still hope for SP or LAN server support. The only reason I even have an account here is because I bought this game thinking i could run my LAN server just like Ark. Total disappointment. Support the addition of either a single player mode within the client or simply enabling the server to client communication to happen within a LAN. No port forwarding or NAT loopback needed.
  9. Lynx

    Captain's Log 19: The Golden Age of Piracy

    Still no single player mode or at least LAN server support.
  10. Lynx

    Atlas numbers dropping fast!

    Yes. Look at steam charts website.
  11. The Devs for this game have repeatedly shown that they do not understand balance.
  12. It's a conspiracy. Probably the same stuff from Ark.
  13. Lynx

    chinese character boxes

    I think there is a thing to download to display the other language.
  14. I have been saying that the numbers don't lie and Atlas is clearly losing players. And the current gameplay dosen't work for new players, no reason for them to buy.
  15. Imagine the lag with even more stuff to render.
  16. Lots of new games coming out all the time, people will move on to other games.
  17. Devs are people too. Except that we are customers and the devs are a business. The listed features become an obligation to the customers or it's false advertising.
  18. No single player mode. It needs single player mode, like others in this genre.
  19. Lynx

    Single PLayer

    This is a sandbox survival game with a devKit, so it can be anything mod authors can dream up. Ark was also given the MMO tag.
  20. Lynx

    Single PLayer

    I am technical enough to run a server just fine. I bought Atlas thinking it would work the same way as Ark. Made a 1 grid test map with the map tool. Had the redis server and the 1 grid server running, only problem was I couldn't connect. Then find out that with my mobile isp dosen't work for port forwarding, so an internet server is impossible. I refunded cause I couldn't actually play. All I need is LAN connectivity.
  21. Lynx

    Single PLayer

    There is already a 3rd party program to run the full map, 1 grid at a time for single player.
  22. Lynx

    Single PLayer

    That's fine for an unofficial server with a small community to support it. But I just want to play single player and have a server box that can easily run a server (but it dosen't work through LAN). I am not going to pay $10+ dollars a month to rent something I could just run from home (for free) if the devs turned on LAN connection.
  23. Lynx

    Single PLayer

    Yeah. Unofficials will come and go, since bigger grids are so much more expensive than just 1 server like for other games.
  24. Lynx

    Everything offlined...

    I would guess that more and more will quit or turn to unofficial servers.
  25. Lynx

    Single PLayer

    Hopefully SP gets more player support