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  1. Lynx

    Single PLayer

    I tried, but it's a bit beyond my technical skill level. Hoping for an easy to follow tutorial.
  2. It is an unneeded strain for the servers.
  3. The Devs supposedly have learned from their mistakes with Ark, only time will tell. If the devs want an MMO then official servers need to be fun. The opposite of Ark where unofficial servers are awesome.
  4. Lynx

    Claims need to be limited to 1 per character.

    With a exponential system, the first couple claims aren't so expensive, but then the cost skyrockets. The only way to force people to share the land, is to force them. Not allow unlimited claim. And there probably should be limits on company size.
  5. It will if the devs add limits to number of claims.
  6. Lynx

    Claims need to be limited to 1 per character.

    Wurm Online had a good example of land claim and upkeep. It needs to get exponentially more expensive to expand claim.
  7. With some many things to tweak and balance, it would be nice to get a list of top priorities from the devs. With this being the beginning of EA, the devs really should schedule wipes or partial wipes as they make major changes. This is assuming they are going to fix the systems that are absolutely broken.
  8. Lynx

    Single PLayer

    I agree that a single player mode like Ark would be much appreciated. So many people play Ark single player, why lose out on this demographic. Another way would be to upgrade the dedicated software from what it is now (manual .bat file, manually config) to a tool similar to the extremely popular ASM (Ark Server manager). Also, single player mode is great for mod authors to test out mods and server owners/admins to test out mods for their community.
  9. A single player offline 1 grid map would be great.
  10. Lynx

    Dynamic Atlas Map - website

    Also more than just the top 10 would be nice, why limit it?
  11. I should have said I am running the server on one PC and playing on a different one. The server appears to fully start, I see the number of cores line in the cmd window. I just cannot find my server in either Atlas browser or Steam favorites or LAN.