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  1. Alphonse Karr

    Server Down - EU Whales Wrath H13

    Up @Jatheish We won't be able to play since this server is unjoinnable
  2. Alphonse Karr

    Server Down H13 EU PVP

    Up @Jatheish
  3. Alphonse Karr

    Possible reason for fetch server info issue?

    Up @Jatheish Pls make this server available again
  4. Alphonse Karr

    We Need H13 to be online again

    Up @Jatheish Make this server back online pls. It's a Freeport and hundreds of players can't join it now Eu pvp H13 freeport
  5. Alphonse Karr

    EU-PvP H13 Down

  6. Alphonse Karr

    Unable to connect since last night

    Same issue for me
  7. Alphonse Karr

    We Need H13 to be online again

    i played on H13 yesterday and can't join it now, i can't join any other part of the map. Unable to fetch server info to join
  8. Alphonse Karr

    bug Unable to fetch current server info to join

    Same for me on EU PVP H13 South high desert Freeport i was playing yesterday and today this server was shut donw so i can't connect and get this error