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  1. The one lying dead on the ground was a lvl 54... that one hurt
  2. Build your enclosure so that it has access to the ocean, when the bear gets to hot, have it follow you into the water to cool off, then bring it back inside. Alternatively, Use torches for heat instead of a fire. We had a cub light itself up a few weeks ago because it wondered too close to the fire. Torches will not do that and you can turn them on/off as needed for heat/cold. Penguins help with cold resistance without heating up the area, so they won't make you cubs overheat and will protect from some of the cold. Their radius is super small though so in the arctic/tundra climates it doesn't really help with cold snaps. Yes and no. A heat wave will still kill your cub in the tundra. That's why we added the swimming pool in the breeding pen.
  3. Well... it happened again during the rapid fire patching of last night. We developed a way to raise animals in the Tundra region. How to keep the babies warm, how to boost their cold resistance... hell, we even have a way to cool them off during a heat wave, because like my kids in real life... these babies are fussy. So last night, in the middle of a series of patches, with no cold front and torches blazing... we lost 3 baby cubs to hypothermia. Prior to the patch, they were 100% okay, after the patch was a different story. This has been an exhausting endeavor as people have stayed up through the night trying to keep these guys alive and several other baby bears in the past... We thought we had it this time... and we did... but the update hurt BAD. I know some of the folks in my company want to dive into breeding and learn everything there is to breeding in cold climates, but with the randomness and fickleness of the server and of the cubs... Devs, this may be a low priority, but can you please look into the breeding numbers? It's kind of depressing after you put in so much work.