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  1. - Claim flags will no longer prevent enemy building. You can now build anywhere, and only structure build radius will prevent it. This is a non-default, which will be enabled on our PvP Networks. Unofficials can also use this as a custom server-side config. Good joke, can't wait for spam mortars now.
  2. I know this is mostly due to steam, but is there anyway to make it more difficult for people to find out exactly what grid a specific person is? It is some pretty big meta-gaming to be able to do this outside of the game. An example being https://atlas.hgn.hu/grid/na/pvp having the ability to see who is in a grid by steam name with an upcoming feature to be able to search for exact players.
  3. Nex


  4. Resetting key binds should not reset literally every setting there is. please
  5. Elephants have reduced weight with wood so rhinos should have reduced weight with stone. kay thanks.
  6. I haven't used one in a few days until now, but they no longer shoot any projectiles. The muzzle visual and audio effect plays, but there is no projectile impact(visual) or damage(physical). Version: Patch 9.3 (Rev. 106137)
  7. Majority of the spawns on home region still, either throw you under the map or spawn you in a cluster of 20 eels underwater.
  8. I know there was going to be a dragon, just not that you could just buy one lol.
  9. Exaactly... I should never run into 4 or 5 of them. If it was a rare encounter and we happened to lose a ship, it would suck, but be whatever. It just gets tiring when you lose a ship every time you go farther than 2 miles.
  10. We have lost 3 sloops in the 3 times we have taken them out. While sailing on a raft for about a grids length, I saw over 20+ Ships of the Damned. The green ones, you can SOMETIMES get away, but the reds can go faster than a sloop with 2 speed sails. It also doesn't help that they sometimes don't render until you are already in their aggro range. These should be rare encounters, not an every sails occurrence. Our island is literally surrounded by them constantly. Pls
  11. Neither admins nor the owner can change the company inventory rank on storage crates. When trying to access the button for inventory rank, it just closes. Although, we can change the activation rank on them.
  12. Created three different crew groups for my company yesterday and today they are no longer there.