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  1. Wooden triangle roofs are often used on boats for armor, but these have absolutely terrible collision with players. You rapidly jump up and down the second you touch them and get thrown off. kay thanks
  2. Bug: Inability to reverse in a boat at the normal speed Description: It seems that about half the time that I try to reverse in a boat, it moves at about 10% of the normal reverse speed. Sometimes it fixes after I go forwards or anchor then unanchor, but this doesn't always help and I haven't found a reliable fix for it. It seems possibly player specific as I have had other people jump on and reverse at the intended speed.
  3. I found very little logic and knowledge behind all of these concerns. They're definitely not short on money, if they were, they would be more concerned about current player numbers, which they aren't. Different people do different things and that is a fact for just about any game studio. But maybe you're right, we should definitely have the artist who are modeling the space ships stop and fix the lag. I agree there are many issues, but you're going to need to give some better feedback.
  4. This happens to me maybe twice a day. The error pops up and crashes the game which leaves my CPU running at 100% and basically breaks my task manager. There is no Atlas or shootergame program shown, and the details panel no longer loads either. The only way I have been able to fix this is to shut down my pc.
  5. You are unable to damage the Ghost Ship (Powerstone one) until it enters another server, even though it is completely visible and past 0:00. This makes it quite frustrating to kill, on top of servers being at different times. e.g. We left a server at around 02:00 and entered another with the time around 04:30.
  6. Please allow the storage of gunpowder, blasting powder, and fire gel in the ship resource base. kay thanks
  7. Constantly getting this error after about 5 seconds of getting into the servers. Tried verifying steam files and it did not help.
  8. NA PVP Colonies - The tax rates are not accurate what so ever, again. Even at 1% tax, we are getting way more than that we should. k thanks
  9. - Claim flags will no longer prevent enemy building. You can now build anywhere, and only structure build radius will prevent it. This is a non-default, which will be enabled on our PvP Networks. Unofficials can also use this as a custom server-side config. Good joke, can't wait for spam mortars now.
  10. I know this is mostly due to steam, but is there anyway to make it more difficult for people to find out exactly what grid a specific person is? It is some pretty big meta-gaming to be able to do this outside of the game. An example being https://atlas.hgn.hu/grid/na/pvp having the ability to see who is in a grid by steam name with an upcoming feature to be able to search for exact players.
  11. Resetting key binds should not reset literally every setting there is. please
  12. Elephants have reduced weight with wood so rhinos should have reduced weight with stone. kay thanks.
  13. I haven't used one in a few days until now, but they no longer shoot any projectiles. The muzzle visual and audio effect plays, but there is no projectile impact(visual) or damage(physical). Version: Patch 9.3 (Rev. 106137)
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