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  1. Hello readers and hopefully the Atlas devs, Me and my friends spent a whole day getting a schooner. We put alot of work in this boat and at the end of the day we were happy that we had a nice ship. We had to log out because i had been playing for almost 18hours non-stop. To our suprise when we logged out we had been offline raided. We had been killed, our stuff taken and unable to spawn on the boat. I spent a whole day trying to get back from a dumb hell-ish starter island to get to the ship. We finally arrive to discover that the boat was on the bottom of the ocean floor. We swam down to this ship and saw that it was fine, no holes except the hatch to get to the storage area. WHY IS THIS EVEN A THING. I know it's a pvp server but this is absolutely dumb. The resource amounts of the ship are either way too high or you need to make them safe while offline because that is absolutely stupid. It would be fine if the boat was just sitting there or something but looted but even sunk. I am seriously considering never touching this game again. If you want to use the argument that we should have gone to a safe or claimeable place. The starter zones were at that time bugging so hard and you can NOT find a clear place to claim. Most of the islands are claimed by large groups or are full of claims. Because I don't want to bash the game (because sometimes I do really enjoy the game) I want to give them some suggestions on fixing this problem: -Less crowded servers/ More servers -More space to claim -Lesser boat resource cost/less work -Make offline players not 100% vulnerable and there boats not easily destroyed I hope this makes it ways to the devs because this is unacceptable. sincerely, spookbrecht
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