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  1. I have a question regarding breeding horses. When my female hose spits out a foal how long is the timer to she spits out another foal?
  2. its full yes its not for me to drink its for cooking and i ned water in a jar and so far it can not be done or i do not know how.
  3. I cant fill up my water jar any one know how to do that. I do have a water reservoir and a tap nothing is happening at all any sugestions?
  4. We can play but the server keeps going down and rool back now
  5. I can get in now. but lets see how long that is going to last.
  6. Guys you have to look in to this. This is ALL server for me not just the ones who are down this is ALL the damn server i get this. This is what i have found out so FAR about the issue. Its like when you start a new toon you can get in on lets say M9 my wife did that 2 hours before that my server time outs started and i was not able to get in on M9. We are both playing on same internet connection so that can not be the issue, and I have no problem at all joining the NA servers. I have to say you need to fix this soon this is not funny at all
  7. its all dead all solutions do not work at all.
  8. EU same problem on ALL servers atm get time out. and i have tried all kind of solutions its all the same timeout. But sometimes you do get what looks like the game is loading ind but after a few its time out agin.
  9. Any one looking after the EU servers? we cant login and this is by far the day were ALL in EU wants to play So any one at work who can restart the servers hehe lol?
  10. More Easy way to unstuck you self, like a /killme
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