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  1. Pretty much like the idea, not to struggle with the different groups but give them the environment they want to play in.


    Sure, there are just 4.000 Players playing atm. but remember- there are so many people waitiung for the wipe to get back in (as far as I can say from my FB Groups with 2k members). 



    Wenn ihr nur Bahnhof versteht. könnt ihr gerne wieder meine freie Übersetzung in Anspruch nehmen 😄


  2. TBH as Developer i´d throw the whole "PvE and PvP Servers" stuff over board.

    Make a mixed Server. Single player has one Flag, a Company has 3 Flags and every further flag costs an expotential amount of mats/ discovery points.

    Upkeep as you said has to be paid and depensd on Island ranking. Rank 1-3 Islands are situated in PvE and Lawless, Rank 3-5 are situated in PvP offering better/mor variete of mats. Rank 5 has the best tames, nodes and to settle needs a speciffic amount of discovery points.



    Wenn ihr mit Englisch nicht so viel anfangen könnt, hier meine (freie) Übersetzung:


  3. They can, and you agreed they can! That you didnt read it is ...ya...your fault. 

    there are enough...by far enough...indicators that the Gamestate is very "unsafe" and they where all public.

    Sure it sucks but on the other side...its a bit thrilling too.

  4. ...the major question is: does anyone care what you predict? I guess (except of the 3 ppl talking to you) the answer is just: NOPE .

    And whay is that? Because nobody cares about anothe crythread like years before and nothing will happen with the world if this game fails.

    Believe me, life will go on. So be strong! Get your stuff together, stand up, wipe your tears away and move on. 

  5. Settlement owners must set a window of vulnerability, currently set to 9 hours, where their island is raidable. Outside of this window, players, structures and ships will not take damage from other players.



    Superb for no-lifers. Smaller comps with working members won't have big chances to survive. Set it to like 4 or at least 6. Don't know if I will continue playing on PvE for all servers gonna be "pillared" and also PvP with 9 hrs vulnerable is not an option for my comp.



    Wenn ihr die Änderungen auf Deutsch lesen wollt


  6. Discovered Polar Region last weekend. The frequence of SotD there is pain in the ass. Additional to whales.
    Had to sail several times towards a bunch of 5-7 SotD but (thanks Sloop with large SpeedSail) they neevr had a chance to get me even when i raced thru their foregardens. 
    It actually was fun when i noticed that they cant hit me or get me 🙂

    Sadly then this "steam issue" came around which ended my racing sloop on the ground of the oceans.
    To finish: the SotD Spawn is not balanced at all. Just like the op said: the greens are useless to hunt down - the loot isnt worth the mats for the cannonballs at all (the gold is neither). 

  7. An alle, die der englischen Sprache nicht so mächtig sind:

    Zum Wochenende ein Wenig Lektüre für Interessierte. Ich habe den ersten (spannenden) Teil des 19. Captains Log "entschlüsselt". Ist sicherlich ganz interessant aber hinterlässt bei mir auch etliche Fragezeichen. Viel Spaß beim Lesen.

    Es handelt sich um einen Link zu meiner (nicht kommerziellen, werbefreien) Community- und Fansite -wenn ihr es nicht lesen/ anklicken wollt, scrollt einfach bitte weiter.  Danke 🙂 



  8. 13 minutes ago, Implicitlee said:

     by 90% of the replies on this post, rollback the last change.

    Okay to help you, for math seems not to be one of your strength: 90% of 770 replies (Not counting you probably Made a lot replies yourself)of 17.000 Views are 3% overall, who agree. In the real world "Most" means over 50%. 

    You dont need to thank. You are Welcome, Dude.

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    4 minutes ago, Implicitlee said:

    First of all I started this post, secondly get your head out of your own ass, and my opinion is backed by 90% of the replies on this post, rollback the last change.

    I dont care bout you thinking self-congratulations and insulting does rectify trolling and misbehavior. People are free to have their opinions. Ask Mr Trump... This is not your private playground, Dude. 

  10. 46 minutes ago, Implicitlee said:

    I totally disagree by halving the metal and paste costs would suggest that the overall idea of stone containing metal and paste is a good one, when in fact it is a terrible idea, I say put it back how it was and work on getting a Metal Structure tree in place, how you are meant to instead of making half assed efforts.

    I did not ask for other opinions, neither do you. So thanks for your reply.

  11. Hey guys,

    struggeling atm with the decision to buy or not to buy a a RTX2070 and dump my EVGA1070FTW Hybrid.

    As I dug thru the internet to find pros  and Cons (besides the opricing) i found a list with Games supporting DLSS.

    ARK is listed there, does that mean ATLAS supports DLSS also? Currently? Or is this info like the DX12 Patch running gag?

    Even with AA set on EPIC the AA in this game is awful as hell. 

    (if its alredy released????)


    Thanks in advance.


  12. Ahoy mates,

    lately I thought about all this PvE/ PvP Stuff in Atlas.

    The game has massive issues on these concepts: PvE can never be clear PvE in a Pirate World, we see ppl sinking ships, claiming ppls claims which is all kind of PvP. In PvP we see (like always) bigger groups ganking small groups "b´cuz we CAN - it´s PvP!!!111" and destroy diversity of gameplay. I went to PvE first to get familiar with ATLAS. but some dudes stealing everything (even my animal food out of the feeding trough), thes dudes write nazi stuff on my flag, these guys block ressource spawn, thes guys wait for mates and block the door to get in/out of foreigneres houses, they sink our boats, they are delivering lies about us because we are more successful. There is no option to report, nowhere you can adress such ppl. Sure- these guys are to coward to play PvP because their 3-man clan would sink within some hrs. But it sucks a bit. I can click "declare war" but this does exactly -->  nothing!

    Can´t we have a PvPvE official Server?

    I mean "Declaration of War" is already an option when you face another player. Why not have a PvE state which can be switched between competitors? Wouldn´t it be nice to have the (dangerous) equatorial servers open PvP?  Cant we have "Chickens Fight Club", "Cannon Shootout" and "Sink me!" Events without those hardcore PvP "cos we can!"  mates? 

    Hope we´ll see that one day on official for the private Hosters already can do!


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