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    Crashing when logging onto bases

    What type of Xbox are you using? (Is it a regular, S, or One X?) Xbox One S What network are you experiencing this on? Official NA PVE Which grid? M11 Which island? Hasford Peninsula Do you have the CCC? This isn't something you're able to get on Xbox, however, if you have PC players in your company, they can help out: None available NB. Everyone who uses our company HQ there has problems of this nature.
  2. WilliamMitchell

    WHAT is with the skill trees? No way to specialize??

    It's in the pipe line, they mentioned skill tree remaster inthe last stream
  3. WilliamMitchell

    Xbox One Mouse and Keyboard Support

    When mouse and keyboard plugged in there is an option in the menu. 3rd down I think.
  4. WilliamMitchell

    Official Xbox/PC cross platform

    My point was that mods on xbox are a thing, the ones for those games are community made mods not developer made.
  5. WilliamMitchell

    Official Xbox/PC cross platform

    Mods on Xbox are possible, Bethesda allow mods on Xbox One on Skyrim and Fallout 4. I have no idea why Ark or Atlas don't have the option.
  6. WilliamMitchell

    Official Xbox/PC cross platform

    Official will be cross platform Xbox x Steam