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  1. Zerker

    Unable to harvest/gather

    On our private server we are having the issue where certain islands won’t allow you to gather resources on them. At times it seems Server side and others player side. Has anyone encountered this or have a fix? -Seven Seas RP
  2. Zerker

    I need help please

    I just uninstalled and re installed. It worked for me
  3. Zerker

    I need help please

    I am having a similar issue. Ive yet to find or get feedback on a fix
  4. Zerker

    ATLAS wont launch

    I have been having constant issues with ATLAS launching. It always gets stuck on the Primal Data screen I have validated, -ALLAVAILABLECORES, Low memory options, turned my graphics to low, GeForce settings. Its truly hit or miss. I have been able to log in with no issues about two times. Any suggestions?
  5. Zerker

    pvp Seven Seas RP Server

    Welcome Captains and Sailors to Seven Seas RP. https://discord.gg/rct4a7p Our goal is to bring you a truly organic RP experience. Giving the players the opportunity to shape and mold the world the way they see fit. We are still exploring all the options ATLAS has to offer. As we learn more about the game mechanics we tweak are rules to fit. We hope to have the official start of the season with in 2 weeks, However in the mean time we want to open up the server to you all. This will give you a place to play ATLAS, enjoy a little light RP and help us stress test our server so we can give you the best final product on the first day of the season. The goal is in a few days we will be able to give you the finalized player handbook, classes and rules. The rules in the mean time are simple: Organic RP is everything. Stay in character and within the bounds of the setting at all times. # Obey Twitch & Discord ToS # Be 16 years or older # No KOS (RP always comes first) # RP via Voicechat, textchat is forbidden (Unless emoting an action) # Don't abuse game mechanics # Stay in character at all times # No Meta/OOC-Knowledge can be used in game # Only original characters, no Jack Sparrows etc # Just don't be a dick - everything is subject to change. For now, whatever you do, do it within reason. No mass landgrabs etc. *Currently no whitelisting is required as we stress test the server* I hope you all enjoy the server and welcome to the community! join our discord for more Info! https://discord.gg/rct4a7p
  6. I also have a private RP server. I can’t find any admin commands or guides anywhere. I know some of the ARK commands work though
  7. That’s what we can’t figure out. To my understanding the fog of war is supposed to be lifted as you discover new areas but isn’t at this moment
  8. Hello, we are in the process of releasing a private whitelisted only RP server “Seven Seas RP” however we have ran in to a few issues while setting up the map. 1.) unable to gather on certain islands 2.) no idea how to fix the map, the custom one is in the game but the fog of war just never disappears 3.) no idea how to activate floating treasure and ghost ships etc. if anyone could answer these questions it would be greatly appreciated! If you are interested in playing on our RP server click the link to our discord. https://discord.gg/rct4a7p