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  1. Our elephant and rhino in H7 always stayed on our ship (our base is not safe because of snakes STILL going through walls). I fed them there every two or three days via the feeding trough on our ship. The last time I did this was on saturday, where I went on the ship, fed the crew, then went directly between those two tames to the trough, got stuck on the elephant's tusk and then moved him to a better position on the ship. Then I fed our other tames and crew on the other ships and farmed ressources, so I was in this area for at least an hour before I went back to our other base in D14. Today I logged on and ONLY these two tames in H7 auto-decayed and were claimed by another person. How is it even possible that a) the decay timer of 7 days hasn't resetted on saturday where I stood right beside them and even rode one of them, and b) how could this person got on our ship to claim them?
  2. I almost forgot - it should be possible to snap pillars on corners of both floors and ceilings. The workaround with the fence support a) gets annoying and b) doesn't work on ceilings :<
  3. For me the most important thing is a gate for elephants/rhinos/giraffes, but not with the size of the damn behemoth gate... Also I like to see triangle foundations and ceilings with a 90° angle. And some more decorative items - primarily usable hammocks (placeable on land and on ships) would be awesome.
  4. Network: Official Grid: all Description of issue: Taming of elephants seems buggy, as the hit of their tusks also hits the tamer when standing behind his legs, behind a wall ... it simply hits everyone through everything, and it is almost impossible to tame it with high efficiency. The giraffe rotates 90 degrees when it is bola'd and then gets aggroed - so if you bola it and then want to feed it and stand too near, it randomly rotates 90 degrees without animation and hit the tamer in his back. Both issues are not necessarily gamebreaking, but really annoying. Any screenshots or video demonstrating the bug: - Repro steps if available/applicable: see description CCC (if location specific, please include the CCC with your report): -
  5. Network: Official Grid: all Description of issue: Since the last mega patch, offline company members constantly fall overboard when he/she logged off on the ship and the ship then is moved.Sometimes it happens when the ship is moved only for a few hundred meters, but it also had happened to us when our brig was sailed to another grid. When logging in while the ship is moving with full speed, we still fall overboard during the loading screen and then find ourselves in the ocean. Any screenshots or video demonstrating the bug: - Repro steps if available/applicable: see description CCC (if location specific, please include the CCC with your report): -
  6. On H7, pre patch it was hardly possible to tame something here because as soon as the tame got bloody, 10 vultures rushed and killed it. We had a real vulture plague here, and way too many crocodiles and snakes. Horses and Wolves were still common. For god's sake they fixed the overspawning - we now have less vultures, crocodiles and snakes (and the snakes now wriggle regularly through railings...), and some elephants. Seagulls and crows are everywhere - especially bugged in our ships - and horses and wolves spawn now extremely rare. I personally think they adjusted the animal spawns in the same way for the whole Atlas, which is dumb, because pre patch some islands like ours were extremely overloaded with hostile animals, and others were way too peaceful. So for me a readjustment would be really welcome, but then specifically adjusted for single islands. Yeah, I know, too much work...
  7. I mean, I know that they do that so that no one can block resource nodes on lawless. But what's the point with that solution? If someone build a house around the nodes, nobody can access it either. Seems not to be the best solution for me I wish they would implement something like ARK's AllowCaveBuildingPvE - instead of caves of course for ruins and on top of mountains to prevent resource blocking.
  8. I hope I'll explain that right, as english is not my native language: The handling sail is useful when the wind goes in the wrong direction, as it catches the wind in more angles. The weight sail should compensate the negative effect on speed only when your ship is heavy loaded, similar to skilling weight on the ship. My personal opinion? We normally use those sails only on brigs (2x speeds an one of those) and pre patch on the galleon (4x speeds and both of them) - the handling sail works, but you can forget about it and simply sail zigzagways. The effect of the weight sail is barely noticeable for us. I don't know if the effects are that much stronger if you only use weight or handling sails on the same boat. At this point, I would stick to speed sails every time, but nevertheless build one of them on the boats for the style
  9. ... and build a bed right beside you, that thing hits like a damn truck in every direction What for us did the trick: don't use doorframes, it seems to work best with small gates. And as Senorghost already said, crawl into his armpit to feed (of course he will hit you). And sometimes, it gives you the prompt to feed and nothing happens - then you have to make one step further to the elephant to be able to press E. Elephant taming straight from hell at the moment...
  10. For us, it was also fixed for around a few days or a week now. At the weekend, I had built some traps on other grids to get some tames. Demolished it, drove home - again some ceilings from our footbridge were gone. We were only two players in our company left at the moment, and the other one was surely offline. So for me it seems that this bug appears even if you pickup or demolish structures in another grid.
  11. I don't know why you sound so aggressive, I said my opinion and with the current system - if you don't want to pay 1300 gold per day, then simply look for a smaller island. Oh, wait - there is none left.
  12. Making a survey would at least save Grapeshot, because then players can blame only themselves. I either want or don't want taxes, I simply don't want to farm so that others can build their base. As said, if the tax amount is additionally generated, I don't care. But I'm not sure if the tax system will stay in either way. Remember, as they first announce the new PVE system, it was planned that all islands on PVE would be lawless.
  13. Ha! Yes, it's Grapeshots game - although not their idea - and there is the problem. The Grapeshot dudes aren't the ones who play the game, and of course, they don't pay for it. So, as it is with EVERY COMPANY in the whole economy world, the way to success is to deliver a product the buyer wants. Not the dev.
  14. Pirates don't pay taxes in my opinion. I mean - they are pirates. A lot of "Arrrrrr" and rum and parrots. And even the description on Steam says "fantasy". They come up with mythical creatures and electric powered motorboats. So why implementing a real life tax system?
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