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  2. Hmm, I think I totally misunderstood something: So the patch should roll out on the 20th on the test servers - but the test servers are the live servers?
  3. Tinschn

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    I don't really get your problem here. In my opinion it is intended that the settlement owner will take care that all people building on his island could live "normally" together. Yes, he has the power to destroy your building (and to stop pillar spamming and blocking, what is in fact positive), but on the other hand, he MUST be interested in having many people living happily together on his island, because he have to pay double upkeep (on for the claim flag, one for his base). If I have to pay taxes for the privilege to be more safe from some idiots, I'm okay with that. Of course there will be griefers, but I think it is a good - maybe not the right - step. The idea per se is not bad, but I think they will use those flags not only for blocking nodes, they also will block land around their own base. The number of no build flags had to be adjusted on the number of ressource spawns of every island to work correct.
  4. Tinschn

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    As I already said, I think the settlement owner will be responsible for that. It seems that even in PVE the owner has 12 hours to remove buildings.
  5. Tinschn

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    I'm sorry if my words have upset you. We are 2-6 people in our company and have not ever needed an alliance, so this point is not really important for me. But you hopefully will understand that there is a way to use the alliance system in a way that it was not meant to be used. So I personally don't have a better option, because I don't care much about this aspect, but as the devs are finally listening, you and others could give them better input regarding the alliance system. That was all I wanted to say with my previous post.
  6. Tinschn

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    I think the idea behind this is that they can't figure out a way to stop that "pillarmaggedon" on ressource spawns and ruins. So at this point, they need someone to take care of that - an admin who is constantly removing those pillars is too much. So i assume the owner of the settlement will be the one who is responsible for that in the future. And the settlement owner can't forbid anyone to build on the settlement, so there will be enough space. My only concern is, that surely not all owners are nice and friendly persons. There will be some guys who want the whole island for themselves, and as ever, they will find a way.
  7. Tinschn

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    Stay calm - they mentioned that they are looking into another option, and it seems that they finally consider our feedback. So there is a chance that they will come up with another idea, if enough people complain and come up with a better idea. I'm glad about most of the PVE changes. Thank you!
  8. Tinschn

    How to stop pillar spam etc

    Oh wow, Mr. Brain himself has spoken So, will your evil masterplan also work, if person A build his base, go offline, person B comes, wants the land, build directly beside it and for example, will build some pillars on the seaside where A wanted to build a shipyard and connects the pillars via foundations to his base. For decoration, he will also build a wall on one side with a roof. A is fucked. It's simple as that. And if it will be possible to build directly beside your neighbor, it will cost B maybe 10 building parts. Remember, griefers are not here for building a nice base, taking care of their wonderful herb garden and petting their tames to sleep. They are griefers because they are griefing.
  9. Tinschn

    How to stop pillar spam etc

    At this moment, you can't - but as the devs don't say anything specific what will happen to PVE because of the removal of claiming flags after the wipe and that everyone can build everywhere, we assume that there will be a "pillarmageddon" caused by griefers. For example, if they will use the blocking radius from the lawless island - that would be awful. We are looking for preventing solutions here.
  10. Tinschn

    How to stop pillar spam etc

    I will tell you a little story about psychopaths, happened yesterday Until the wipe, I am only online to feed my animals - I can't let them starve to death - and to cuddle my penguins. So I went out to get some meat and berries, and then I saw a tamed tiger was fallen in our taming trap. We need the taming trap only for elephants, but we hate those stupid behemoth gates, so we only use doorways (two walls high) and ramps to get the elephant in the cage and after taming, we destroy some walls, get the elephant out and then make the trap ready for the next tame, because we need approximately one elephant per week because of alpha animals glitching through everything and killing our tames. So, of course, I don't wanted to be responsible for that guy losing his tiger (although he would be losing it anyway, but that would not have been my fault). I demolished the doorways and waited half an hour for the owner to come back - his ship was anchored right at the coast beside our own ships, so I assume he really want his tiger back. Then a snake got into the trap and almost killed the tiger - it was on passive - but that bugged the tiger out and in front of the trap. So I killed the snake and, because I had to go offline and couldn't wait any longer - built a little pen for the tiger called "Flauschi" with an unlocked gate. I left the owner a wooden sign that we are sorry that his tiger got stucked, but he will not loose it because of us and I send him my best wishes. I rode back to our base to log out, but then I remembered that I forgot to feed the crew on our ships. So I rode out again, gathered some more berries and got back to our ships. Whilst climbing the ladder, I saw a naked guy with a crocodile on his butt ran to the pen, opened the gate and lured the crocodile in. I was not fast enough. "Flauschi" was killed and the naked guy ran away. I felt so sorry. So - if griefers until now do their stupid thing, at this time, when it does not matter anymore to kill someones tames or to annoy others in any way, they don't have ANY advantage from it - then you really think we don't need a good protection against them? They won't disappear and always find a way. Imagine the low percentage that a story like this could happen: a naked guy will jump off his ship on a fully claimed island, run around aimless, find a trap with a tamed animal in it and with an unlocked gate - but it happened! And in my opinion, the only thing that will help would be a complete blocking radius around your base. Griefers would simply have no chance.
  11. Tinschn

    Polls for changes to PvE... Please vote!

    No players shops in PVE? What do they think we will be doing in this game in the future? Relaxing on our hammocks and get some sunlight? Oh wait, there are no hammocks ... Thumbs up for PVE player shops and hammocks!
  12. Tinschn

    How to stop pillar spam etc

    I was thinking about the same solution, but as already said - in my opinion, it won't work. Griefers then will spam (fence) foundations and pillars snapped together, and it may even be easier for them to box your base fully in. I'm not a friend of receiving any restrictions in building. Building a pirate town including our main building, stables for around 20-30 tames, a garden and of course a pub will take some space, and when I want to build it that way (and as long as hostile creatures could glitch through anything), I will do that. It is simply one main reason why I play this game, and I would hate it if there would only be ugly small blocks all over the ATLAS. Imho implententing not-buildable areas like ressource spawns and ruins are the only way and an indispensable requirement that the gameplay will work without claim flags in PVE. I'm pretty sure Studio Wildcard had figured a way out on the normal "The Island"-Map in ARK - it was long ago I've played that map, but I think I remember some places where you couldn't build, although you could not see why in the first place. What do you think - maybe taking the new structures repair-box as a "claim flag" will work? After placing the box, it simply will block a certain radius for you, but you can place that box only once per company. The blocking radius will increase per 10 or 20 members or so. Placed structures without the box will decay in a certain amount of time - maybe two hours? -, regardless if it's thatch, wood or stone. This would make it even possible to built taming traps on other islands without worrying that your trap will decay whilst taming, but it would not last long enough that the guys who live on that island could be pissed about ugly traps everywhere.
  13. Tinschn

    Painting Templates

    I tried it out and it seems that the bug isn't resolved yet - it is still not possible to paint your animals. But for making templates, it seems to work if you paint the whole animal in one color, save the painting in ATLAS, convert it via the AtlasPNTConverter (can be found here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?l=german&id=518906272) into a PNG and there you have our template ready for Photoshop, Gimp etc.
  14. Tinschn

    Game Wipe and PVE

    You said it: I'm at this time not fully familiar with the mapmaking tool of ATLAS, but I think it would be possible to insert new islands without wiping the whole grid. Of course it is more difficult and takes longer, but that would be a nice move and a big excuse for all the ignorance we received for weeks. And please don't forget: The devs have time to design figureheads for the top companies and so complimented some guys for what? Pressing the E-button for more than 2 seconds and repeating it 499 times? Impressive. Luckily we get a hat -.-