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  1. I have all my bug reports here since the 25th decem . But how do we know its been attended to or evan seen . I do understand that there are over 10k reports but i just dnt want this to be another ark episode where your bugs are only attended to when its a huuuge thing 3 years later
  2. I have all my bug reports under bugs and topic bugs. Was just this topic under general as it was not bug related.
  3. Rixsta

    bugs PAINTING

    I had this same issue made most of my planks black but when i stood back and looked again there was still some original brown
  4. Ahoy Lads! Just want to know if our bug reports get viewed by staff and the Devs?? i do make the effort to make bug reports big things or small and i attach as much media as i can , would just like to know if it gets viewed ?? Thanks RIXSTA The Jolly Rodgers EU PVE
  5. Hi Guys Noticed a odd Glitch when hiring crew and having them follow aboard ship , they climb on very cool just a bit out of ... how can i say , well look at the images Thanks RIXSTA
  6. Rixsta

    bugs PAINTING

    Hi Guys Noticed small issues with regards to painting with brush , 1) I cant save a preset 2) its a bit difficult to see or cant see at all from default color to black Posted images , Thanks RIXSTA
  7. Rixsta


    My adventure so far in the Beautiful to be Atlas . 30/12/2018 RIXSTA The Jolly Rodgers Company
  8. Hi Guys Since Atlas has launched there has been a lot of patches and improvements , however the animals still seem to be very very glitchey and their hit box is a bit wonky . for example when i was taming a bear im shooting it with arrow and you can see the arrow on him but no hit marker , also the animals are very glitchey one thing they are jumping around like rabbits then flying like parrots and then 10m away all of a sudden right in front of you , this is not due to self system performance or ping this happens all the time under bad and good ping . please get this sorted? it would help a lot with self defense especially taming . RIXSTA Thank You! To a Great Game to be!! Project001.mp4 Project001.mp4
  9. Hope it gets fixed i just tamed a bear which took me 3 painfull hours
  10. Hi Guys Please see attached screenshot , been having this issue for 2 hours now 10:56 CAT , tried the following Restart Client Restart PC Verify Files My version shows older for some reason and no download req? RIXSTA
  11. Hi Atlas Team Excuse me but ... wtf????? I have alot of faith in this game but if im going to grind my ass off to make defenseless sloop and get my ship sunk by not one but two! Ships of the damned in m8!!!??? Which is a friggen starter island .. wth??? Fix nw pls! RIXSTA
  12. Hi Atlas Team I spawned inside my ship today .. i have a sloop and had spawned inside under the deck i had managed to get out via glicthing through the deck and selecting fast travel on bed . I was rubber banding after however killing myself made it all fine .. Keep this for your records thanks RIXSTA
  13. Hi Atlas Team. Was in my sloop this morning around 8:00 CAT i am on EU PVE . Region around the tundra. When i logged on and woken on my sloop there were 5 wolfs coming for me from the water . I was around 10 meters from the coast and as they were hitting my ship with attacks i had tried to sail away however they had seem to be hitting my hitbox from the sides and under my sloop and thier attacks has thrown me off the sloop. Please fix the hit box when being on a ship . Raft . Etc. Other hit box incidents include land animals and such. Thanks RIXSTA
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