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    PVE Needs mixed PVP

    I don't like the idea. There are plenty of other ways to add more depth and competition to pve without bringing in pvp. All these proposals do the same thing...add optional pvp and tell pve players "Don't worry, you don't have to pvp if you dont' want to", and then they set up areas of the map where pve players can't go anymore and make fat rewards which pve players can't get. Pve players become second class citizens on their own servers. If you're a person that doesn't want anything to do with pvp, this idea has nothing but drawbacks for you.
  2. Winter Thorne

    We need more information, where are we on the roadmap?

    They've already called a delay without specifying anything else in it, but yeah, I assumed there would be something else in there. I do think anyone who imagines phase 1 to be contained in one patch is nuts though. They've implied a "process". It's a long time to wait for anything in the game to change.
  3. Winter Thorne

    We need more information, where are we on the roadmap?

    What? According to the patch notes we've seen so far, this patch reduces the top level from 150 to 120. Phase 1 according to the roadmap: Just a few of the changes and fixes (both small and big) we’re planning to make: Fixing speed sails and increasing overall wind speed effectiveness. Adjustments to blueprint stat rolls and crafting requirements. Making improvements to logs for companies. Increasing max stack sizes for certain items. Removing the negative effects of status effects, including vitamins. Giving players the option to choose which Kraken to fight. Reducing the frequency of surface attacks by sharks. Increasing the treasure map spoil time. Cargo Container adjustments. Replacing the text in the game with a universal font style. Hiding more text behind the “Extended UI” function Making ladders easier to climb. Keep in mind that some of these items are things we want to address quickly, even if we consider them to just be temporary fixes for now. The changes in this phase will provide a much better experience in the present; however, we’ll be circling back to these areas in later phases to make much more extensive changes to these systems. One example of this would be “sailing.” We’ll make some early improvements to sailing during Phase 1 (such as fixing speed sails and increasing overall wind speed) and then we’ll loop back to sailing during Phase 2 for a more thorough pass on sailing functionality. Some more examples like this include: Tames and breeding will get a general balance pass, then we’ll do a larger update on tames and creatures in Phase 4. Blueprint scaling will get some early adjustments in Phase 1, then we’ll address it some more in Phases 2 and 3. Temporary fixes for certain combat meta pain points (until they can be further ironed out in Phase 3) such as: stat scaling, torpor, NPC swivels, harpoons gliders. So, no. Reducing the max level is not phase 1. There has been no real communication from the developers since Oct., when they communicated that they wouldn't be communicating. If you're a PC player on official servers, the last real communication for anything having to do with your game was in August. One of the last communications to those players was that they were going to be getting wiped to enable all the changes they were making for the other players. The situation is not quite as you've described it.
  4. Winter Thorne

    We need more information, where are we on the roadmap?

    I can see nobody else is going to answer the OP's question, so here you go: Where are we on the Roadmap? According to Google maps, we are at the Vince Lombardi rest stop on the New Jersey Turnpike.
  5. Winter Thorne

    We need more information, where are we on the roadmap?

    Yeah, a couple of them have told me that. It's a shame. There's not a lot of point in playing an MMO when you can't communicate with anyone.
  6. Winter Thorne

    We need more information, where are we on the roadmap?

    Not a good comparison. It's their job to make games. We're their customers, not their teammates. Still no reason for toxic comments, although I do think we've earned the right to a good bit of snark. One of my biggest beefs with the game is the current environment. For some reason, xbox players don't use in game chat. At all. After the xbox expansion I was excited to finally see a lot of people in the grid, but it's like they're not even there. Nobody says a word. Same old ghost town.
  7. Winter Thorne

    Ice vs Salt

    It's been a while since I tested this, but when ice first came out, I checked the spoil times of food with salt, food with ice (including salted meat and fish put in an ice bag), and the same stuff in a bag with both salt and ice. Including salt in the ice bag lowered the timer and made thing spoil quicker. I didn't test to see whether salt made the ice last longer, because the important thing to me was the food timer. *Forgot to add that salted meat in an ice bag lasts way longer than raw meat in an ice bag.* A stack of 100 ice lasts at least 3 days in a bag in the tundra. YYMV depending on climate.
  8. Winter Thorne

    We need more information, where are we on the roadmap?

    Oh wait! There's been a communication! Incoming patch - max level reduced to 120. ~thud~
  9. Winter Thorne

    We need more information, where are we on the roadmap?

    FWIW I started getting low memory fatal errors a few days ago. Nothing has changed on my side, so I'm wondering who did what.
  10. Winter Thorne

    We need more information, where are we on the roadmap?

    If the griefers won't police themselves someone else will do it. Good for them.
  11. Winter Thorne

    We need more information, where are we on the roadmap?

    Have you heard anything about when the beta is supposed to start for that? NM..I just saw closed beta April, so I'm thinking March is incorrect.
  12. Winter Thorne

    PVE Land Claiming on Official

    Some of the islands in my grid have changed hands 3 or 4 times since the last relaunch. Look around for for an island that seems to have little to no activity on it. Maybe combine that with a long sailing trip to get discovery points. The population isn't that high, and the flags do expire.
  13. Winter Thorne

    Dealing with land squatters?

    I didn't miss it. The timer's borked. Possibly the company settler notification is also borked as well, although those have never been that helpful to begin with. If the beds appear less than 24 hours after you've checked for them the last time, they can't possibly be outside the demo window.
  14. Winter Thorne

    Devs broken?

    Oh wait...
  15. Winter Thorne

    24 hr. timer is borked

    I have beds showing up on my island on thatch foundations, where the foundation shows it's still within the 24 hr. timer, but the bed is not. Can't demolish them. Pls fix, and provide a method to get rid of the ones already there. NA Pve A3 Barracude Refuge.
  16. Winter Thorne

    Dealing with land squatters?

    There's also some sort of bug with the 24hr demo timer. I patrol my island every day because people keep putting a damn bed on a thatch foundation all over the place. I'm finding them, but often the foundation will still be in the 24 hr. window but the bed will not. How does that happen? It won't let you demo the foundation because the bed is not in the window. Guess I'll try opening a bug report on it and seeing if I can get anyone to come get rid of them, but it's pissing me off.
  17. Winter Thorne

    ark Genenis = less folk on atlas

    There are a number of people playing or used to play that never played ARK or don't want to play ARK. I think the players are dropping because the devs announced a long time ago that nothing new was coming for a long time. See the phases announcement - Phase 1 bring on xbox, phase 2 performance and bug work...it'll be spring before we see any new features probably. The latest communications have focused on two things - telling us nothing new is coming, and the charity work they did (which is nice, but meaningless game-wise) Aside from that, they haven't said much of anything to anyone for a very long time. The game feels dead.
  18. Winter Thorne

    Bear Says "NOPE"

    Happens to me all the time. You'll have to tell him to follow you, then get on the sloop and after some fumbling around the sides he'll get on board.
  19. Winter Thorne

    Long sea trips - Need fast travel

    It's true that not everyone likes doing all the things there are to do in the game. I don't really like doing power stones or things that require a big coordinated group to do, mostly because I don't have time for it. But the thing is, I don't expect to be able to have all those rewards because I didn't do the challenge. Why do the people who don't like to travel and get the DPs expect to still get the DPs? It's crap. Do them and get the points or don't do them and don't get the points. Otherwise, if you insist on demanding all the bonuses without having to do anything, I'll have to find a group to start bugging the devs about handing us the kraken rewards and all the powerstones just by going to a Freeport and asking some NPC for them. It's no different really. And what about the people who don't like having to build things? We could have them hand out prebuilt barns, houses, towns, etc. until every island looks exactly the same and we can all build them in 10 minutes flat. Instakill whales and sotd for people who don't like to do that part. What have I left out? Any other parts of the game people don't like?
  20. Winter Thorne

    you cant drink and play in this game

    I have no problem drinking while playing this game. Practice practice practice.
  21. Winter Thorne

    Island owners and island spam

    I just wish they would key the settler message for when someone actually builds something. Then you have the location and can just go there and look.
  22. Winter Thorne

    Island owners and island spam

    The settler notifications are ridiculous. Nobody can figure out what triggers one. Someone harvested something? Someone killed something? It certainly isn't based on building something because you get the messages when they've not done that. So it becomes a stupid treasure hunt every time you get a message to see if anything was built. The best you can do is run around placing a thatch foundation to see if you get the "too close to an enemy" message and see if there's anything thing there. (Hoping that message works because we know the proximity thing is a little buggy). What a waste of time. Before you can do anything gamelike in this game you've got a to-do list - check on crew check on tames, run around the entire island with a thatch foundation, jump on each boat to make sure they don't disappear. (Because while unwanted beds are forever, boats docked in your own harbor are not). The devs realized that unwanted spam on owned islands was a problem and offered a howitzer solution where the island owner could raze the entire island including all their own stuff. That got walked back when everyone pointed out how ridiculous it was. They could have just made the settler notifications sensible and given a longer demolish window..36 or 48 hours or so. Only kiddies can play a game where is you don't log in every damn day all your stuff is ruined.
  23. Winter Thorne

    Long sea trips - Need fast travel

    From a PvP perspective, I suppose that's true. From a PvE perspective, it's the devs that keep wiping you out so you have to rebuild. Yes, it's EA. Everybody expects there to be a lot of churn and expects a wipe might happen if there's no way around it. But in previous EAs, betas, alphas, and other unfinished games, it has always seemed to me that a wipe would happen in order to enable some big new thing everyone was looking forward to, or fix some really rotten thing everyone hated. Our first one here was to put in a new claim system nobody wanted, and our second was to fiddle around the edges with reconfiguring some of the islands and adding a few more. Pretty disappointing reasons for wiping everything and everyone out, and the player base has shown their opinion of it by heading for the door. That's from a PvE perspective.
  24. Winter Thorne

    Long sea trips - Need fast travel

    I think you missed one point. Based on this: I'm thinking I understand the complaint better. (Either that or I'm way off base, but it hit a chord) I make these mental lists of the things I want to do in the game. We've been wiped a few times now and each time when I get restart, it seems like an uphill climb to get back to where I was before the wipe so I can continue working on my list. It really feels like you're making no progress at all when you're doing the same thing for the third time just so you can feel like "Ok, NOW I can restart". In that respect, yeah, sailing for mats to rebuild the same ship and buildings you just had wiped out seems like it would deserve a fast-forward button. If that's the case Grapeshot CAN control it, using any of the ways I listed previously in a rant-filled anti-wipe post. As a general game mechanic? No. No way would fast travel with inventories be a good thing for this game. But as a wipe sweetner, a one-time ticket for a boatload of mats post-wipe wouldn't hurt.
  25. Winter Thorne

    Long sea trips - Need fast travel

    The dynamic is different in those games. In Atlas, if you wanted to be the best shipbuilder on the server, you'd have to get lots and lots of different kinds of mats. In most of those other games, having the best of something would involve dungeon crawls or big raids or whatever brings you the chance for mega-loot. So the equivalent would be giving those other gamers a machine that would just dispense mega-loot to them. I guarantee if they put that function into those games, it would stop nearly everyone from playing. What's the point if you can just have everything handed to you?