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  1. Nice, I've been waiting for a singleplayer for a long time!
  2. Filvandrel

    Captain's Log 27: May Mega-Update

    Hmm, I need to clear out one thing: Is the Blackwood gonna be a singleplayer map, so that we would be able to play it on our rigs without any server, setup itc. just like the ark singleplayer? Or do I have to rent a server to play it anyway, just it doesn't require any setup but can be installed as is?
  3. Filvandrel

    Petition Against Vitamins

    I agree. It's a cool feature in concept, but in practice it is pretty much annoying. Let's make it that if you lack for instance Vitamin C, you would be less resistant to environmental effect, like heatstroke, hypothermia itd. If you lack the meat vitamin, it would make you regenerate health slower, fish vitamin would make you regenerate stamina slower, and the grain one would make you do something else etc. And let's make it decay slower. Cause it's a good system, it has some potential for multiple fun ways to encourage people to mix their diet, but it shouldn't be so aggresive like that, so you would just die if you don't eat your fish for 30 minutes. That is plainly annoying.
  4. Filvandrel

    remove the claiming system

    I agree. The system needs to change. It's pretty much impossible for anyone to build a house or even a better ship than a raft, when there's lots of companies smapping flags everywhere. Let's make it that so other company cannot build on company owned island, but a player without a company could or something like that. There should be some room for new players to at least build his starter shack and a better boat. Not everyone is playing in a company, some play solo.
  5. Agreed, this system needs to change. It's pretty much impossible for anyone to build any ship other than the raft, cause we can't even place a foundation on the claimed zone. And there's lots of companies that just go and claim the land for the sake of claiming, not using it in any way. So there should be a limit of how much you can claim, and there should be some sort of room for solo players to at least build their shipyard.
  6. Filvandrel


    Not really. Everyone plays how they wants. There are players like me who don't have time to play 24/h and still want to enjoy the game. Ark for instance was focused on multiplayer aswell, and yet I do have 200+ hours spent on singleplayer. Some people like to compete with others, raid each other, team up and do big projects together. And some just want a quiet place for their own to build something, explore, tame some creatures and have fun solo. I know, it's a MMO, but there are lots of MMO's around that also allow singleplayer aspect to the game, for instance Black Desert. You can team up, or just play the game solo without competing with others. And in Atlas it's pretty much impossible to play solo on a long run, because of terrain claiming. You wouldn't be able to even build yourself a house, or a boat bigger than a raft, cause alpha companies would just steal your land overnight, and as you cannot build anything on a claimed land, you're basically screwed. Same goes for the fact, that someone can just steal your boat overnight. So it would be cool to have a singleplayer instance for people like me, that just want to have some fun, without getting screwed overnight over and over again, cause it's pretty annoying if you spend few hours of your life on a pve server, and then after you wake up, you notice that all your stuff is gone. It is possible to make this game singleplayer, as it is basically an ARK in different setting. So we could at least have that option, for people who wish to play solo. Or at least an instanced island for our own, where noone would bother you and you could play in peace.
  7. Filvandrel


    Honestly I won't mind the singleplayer aspect to this game as well. You could have an offline grid in a 1x1 size for instance and just play it like in ARK. And in my opinion it would be a good idea for new players to learn the ropes in peace, or for players like me that don't have much time to play, so the risk of being raided or having to conquest with someone for a place to even build my home kinda makes me nervous all the time when I'm playing. If this is not possible, then it would be nice to have at least some sort of small instanced island for your own, that would allow you to build your home in peace without the uclaimed land restrictions, and then if you want resources, treasures or other stuff then you would still have to rival with other players or something. Then everyone would find a place for himself and still could engage with other players when he would like to do that.