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  1. i think devs are on a good way with atlas to make it not like ark (such a new /different game until full release) same devs means not to make the same shit game again for those offline raiding mimimiiis at some point of development atlas will become a fusion between pvp and pve wipes are normal af and at current state they have to do it cuz they need newbees and not only peoples without a job go play rustXD
  2. denke doch das es in game/ settings in keybindings zweite reihe toogle console ist. bzlg. des devs kit keine ahnung in wie weit sich das dort unterscheidet sorry
  3. @Puma hast du die konsolen taste geƤndert? dann sollte es klappen
  4. yesterday i have traveld many zones complete from a1 - 01 and a 15 - 0 15 where whales should be but couldn't found one. today i have traveld a 2 - 0 2 and a 14 - 0 14 there wasn't one too. zones are 1 - 2 - 3 13 - 14 - 15 maybe there are not enough for us all idk
  5. 500 cap is still too much for a company, based on the number of players we have got in Atlas, 4000 players max in peak hours e.g. Maybe put a limit to a company in 100 & put a limit to total allies members to 300 500 cap = mega tripe with a lot of members but actually active online players maybe 112 inside them limiting is a good idea but it will be the same 112 hardcore players inside the tribes and called hardcore pvper's haha easy saying every company with 60+ members can make it if they understand pvp gameplay and have knowledge about the game works HACKERS ARE THE REAL PROBLEM IN EVERY PVP GAME and if you are in mega tribe like me than you have nothing else to do than defend and fight against megas and hackers all the time so i don't get all the points what's wrong to make alliances it's part of the most mmos pvp
  6. here i am with things for complaining in an add -kick and balanceing. freeports have much potential like -trade ( it will come in next update) -special items orders( stuff like more weapons and amors for amount of gold) -special animals LvL 1 to buy (not limited by time) make it like events -taverns with mini games where you can meet up together and play make connections there -quests - mini quest board (you should have to travel by ship to the freeport not die and spawn to add quest que) -recruiting board for companies - more shops to buy stuff with gold(alcohol,tools,whatever) Lawless -add houses with Npc's same stuff like freeports such a differnt things to get and make -add companys board -it's nice for new players to begin there but they will be wiped again and again from Everyone (Limited time to be there just to make the basics than everyone should travel and get lands or make alliance with others Companys like in-game contract to be there for a while Landclaim -nothing i can realy complain about because there should be a advantage for all of us Animals -it's a waterbased game add water creatures to tame and more for in game ( i know it's diffcult af but hella nice) -reduce animals spawns on landbase -reduce animals on landbase!!! It's not tameing game mmo( there's realy to much) wolfes, horses, bears, lions, snakes just the standard animal -debuff lions ( they shouldn't agrro 10 meters away and catch you ( there is nothing you can do about) -where are the dogs and cats and rats? would be nice to have a pet with special buffs like take the dog for treashure hunting with you -point to freeports special events to take a doghouse for your base there can spawn the doggo after placed and reaspawn there after death (just an example) Islands -make more content to search for it's boring collecting Discovery points there is nothing realy to look for - make every Islands for standard ressources (not a huge amount by but like you haven't travel 4 grids for exampel to collect metal,crystals, oil.) -add Houses Npc's just the best thing you can do ( haven't be on every island) and claimed island can trade that stuff if they won't let people in (kos) -make a special pond on Islands where you can fishing( little nice feature) Ships -add more high and low cost ships (decoration is well but not the point to have cuz it will get destroyed) -balance the ship building ( example a galleon with 4 mid speeds sails and two large is faster than a speedboat) -trade ships hmm i've saw them two times ( it's nessesary if added NpC's houses on Islands) -reduce the high of building and limit the amount of canons every special ship can have -fix the glitching on spawnig by bed -fix glitching if ships drive over you than you get inside Weapons -add more -make guns more effective against animals and players with armore -balance the aim (first person you stand in front of other player and each aim on both heads but the other players aims away your head) -fix the hitbox -add harpune -add switching system between weapons make it more pvp -fix the glider (options to took them off without opening items) Endgame -powerstone islands are like wtf wtf wtf to much op animals etc. all level 70 and above ( i'd grind them only die and repeat) -add dungeon to get powerstone and get the op monsters inside there-like the elementarys -the kraken - dudes debuff pls (next update i think i read something about) -quests quests quests to get more gold, items, npc's with special skills ect. - skilltree pls add more special and kick off some things like - the confusing of it - add magic - kick some fists type things and merge them with all other compitables - merge weapons melee firearms arrow- make piracy more amazing - merge captingneering with ship building tree there is realy some things we don't need if it get merged and more balanced That's all of my ideas and nothing to complain about if you have ideas write it down so the devs can read all and think about
  7. boring is the best word. the game is now like a sleeping giant. nothing to do realy. have all powerstones (too much op animals) beaten the kraken(wtf you have to bring 3 dragons and 10 brigs with you) . the new content with the fountain is like a wtf forget about thing. building is shitty af. lags are everywhere (early acess) but where is nothing to test for there is nothing to live long. best part in the game the battles ( mechanics are so worst in 2018-2019 even tekken 1 has better perfomance) you travel for 1-2 hours to find one ship to sink. glitching through everywhere sucks. i quit until it's something new or better and i bet there won't be a endgame. only the game is a farming simulator Make more content will safe your life
  8. m12 is retarded. developers thinking that's nice. No it isn't nice to get killed 100 times to get one stones. fix that shit we don't need 100000000000 cyclopses and earht elements
  9. -NpC'S behind Canons with Full Plate Amor doesen't takes damage the Hitbox range seems to be a lucky shot to hit them from far away if you stand behind them you'll hit them -Full Plate Amor shooted with Cabine, Rifles and everything else is to Op i mean it's a gun that will leading through your Amor it isn't a bulletproof vest(only usefull weapon is fire arrows) -realistic even an arrow would go through -knockback from animals is realy anoying -you'll get punched 2 meters away and fly 2 meters to the moon and back again -Server side Issue Rendering from buildings/world needs to long time rather than the Desktop/Pc Setup you'll have (Hole company has problems with that) -what can i more say? animals needs to be balanced(teleporting,buging,knocking,dps,the mass is to much,glitching) -cabine,rifle, shotgun(forgot the name) reload with 45%skill + is fine if that would be working sometimes you have to wait 1-2 seconds to have the bullet inside your weapons -bshootrange and fire shot line with cabine is like a rifle you only have a focus atm that the rifle hasn't and it seems to be that the cabine doesn't hit the hitbox sometimes Greetz keep on rocking
  10. have same issues with lvl today it happened that my levels respect automaticaly and now i got minus levels and not the same skill levels as before. my lvl 45 before weight 500 stamina 116 fortitude 56 level 45 now only got 43 level points than 45 weight 450 fortitude 46 stamina 100 and no more points aviable less skill points than before i will keep now level me up and will see what happend if i respect manual
  11. sometimes if the server crushes and roleback the characters stuck between walls, foundations, ship-parts thats a gamebreaking bug and everytime you'd to be killed and to destroy these things to get out of those. I know you all have done a great job but thats a kind of angry making pc destroyer bug .
  12. crowngamingx


    Some Buildings and Landscapes are like air you can walk through them. One thing of the map i forgot exactly where it's a mountan by the ocean where you normaly walk on but the ocean glitches trough the mountain strange thing.(It was On the middle of the top) fps drops extreme if you open the map. animals are to aggro snakes are hunting you from 20 meters away crocodiles, tigers, wolves and sharks too
  13. we will make atlas great again so fucking ping lock china!!!!!!!!!!! Those fucked up the hole eu-pvp-map, claim and everything else. we don't want them
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