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  1. Me too. The waves are stuttery and choppy, just aweful today. I'm validating my files right now just in case something's corrupt.
  2. There will never be a perfect system,it's impossible when humans are involved. Sadly, jerks come alongside the regular people and all Grapeshot can do is try their best at balancing gameplay with security. They'd have to do away with all building to stop the griefers and the greedy completely. I've seen far more blocked/walled in resources on claimed land than I ever did in lawless,where it decays and can be demolished eventually. Claims seem to give people/companies the idea they "own" the resource patches that everyone needs and they wall them in. And hopefully they will/have also fiound a way to limit the number of auto repair structures so that they can't be spammed to protect the spam griefers throw down. My base is in lawless and none of the resources I've seen are blocked. Quite the opposite,many people put down discreet posts around them to keep them open and free for everyone.
  3. Same for me as well, crashes on the unofficial servers list but fine on the official servers list.
  4. Are fire arrows broken? I was trying to kill a croc with them,barely scratched it. I had to switch to regular arrows. What's even the point of spending the energy and resources in making them anymore? I agree,they should be doing the damage of a regular arrow plus the fire damage but right now they aren't even close.
  5. I have a black female sheep that I try to ride to move around the yard but when I try to get off of her, I'm stuck suspended in the air mid-jump. It takes alot of spacebar pumping and mouse clicking to get free.
  6. plj

    unable to tame

    I was trying to tame an elephant tonight and feeding it chickpeas then suddenly it stopped working. The message saying to feed it, as it layed there bola'd, came up yet no matter how many times I hit the keyboard button to feed it,nothing happened. I tried all around its head on all sides but it still wouldn't work. Something glitched.
  7. The updates since this response have made the vitamin system much better. Plus getting more level ask skill points to offset the drains and ovrer eating. Well done. ------------------------ The vitamins are too cumbersome and just seem out of place to me. They take up most of my time and effort to find,collect/kill and eat. Constantly. By the time I gathered enough of one vitamin food to prepare for sailing,another would rot away or have to be eaten. It's a tedious circle. I wound up giving up and letting myself starve to death repeatedly just to be able to sail anywhere . It's too much of a hassle and prevents smooth "pirate game" game play and feels more like a "Dietician game". The focus on diet needs to be toned way down so we can focus on the actual pirate stuff. Either remove the vitamins or have them reduce more realistically,like over a period of game weeks. Just my 2 cents.
  8. I don't see why they can't give us a single player version,all of the software for the grids and such are already on our computers. But even a 1 or 2 grid version would be great. I'd run a dedicated LAN server on my computer if it would work like ASM does for Ark. I was able to easily set that up and play on the same computer as the server. I don't have a separate computer to use as a server box.
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