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  1. Ahoy, So I found out you can place a Npc Crew member on the Wardums.. Grr, I have yet to figure out if they ever took drum lessons, even gave them a music sheet and my ears still never danced. Do any other Fellow pirates know how to get these Scurvy Dogs to play the drums, Arg
  2. iv had this issue with using the rejoin option and it wont work. joining server ip or through listing will get you back in.. sometimes transitioning has problems going from one server region to another
  3. Since the update of 10.4 iv had major performance issues with fps. before the update everything ran smooth and i had no problems with fps on epic settings. Now settings are all on medium or low and i get a steady fps drops to 1-4 fps a few times every minute. at this point its becoming really annoying having the screen freeze and try to catch up so often.. i could be looking at the ground and walking and still have my fps drop its almost unplayable. I even play the game on the low memory option
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