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  1. Are we still getting wild pirates for dedicated servers?
  2. I have a private server setup with a 3x3 grid, however for some reason whenever I travel between cells in the grid rather than popping me out on the other side of the grid line, the server is putting me in the center of the grid. Is there a setting that is causing this that I'm missing? Each one is using a different Seamless port starting at 28000 and increasing in increments of 4 (28004, 28008, 28012, etc...).
  3. A single person (or even a small group of people) should not be able to claim the entirely of an island, let alone the entirety of a grid. They seriously need to fix this mechanic otherwise it's going to be the same bullshit we see on Ark official where a handful of tribes rule the entire sea. "easy" fixes would be to just increase the radius of claimed territory and limit it to one per person or one per company; add an upkeep to each flag (perhaps with scaling upkeep for each additional flag you place) so players have to actually maintain territory they try to claim which prevents them from spreading out too much; add a skill tree based on claiming that does stuff like increasing the radius of the flag for bigger bases, increases the number of flags you can place, and maybe throw in some perks as well like making it take longer to contest a territory or things like that. I'm sure there are other methods that could work as well, but honestly the system as it is now is just garbage.
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