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  1. Well stated. You may be the great landlord, but the fact remains that you can still at anytime destroy what others have built just because. But the fact is that people like myself and the ones that I game with all the time just want to have a decent gaming experience and not have to worry that when we log in everything that we have built is gone, destroyed or whatever. Not having a NA PVE server is a real setback to us. I am afraid that the devs have succeeded in driving us away with this decision that there is no NA PVE server. and to compound the fact that when they decided to wipe they announced it a fricken month in advance. Yike!!!! when will they learn.
  2. Why give a positive review when the claiming system in this game is a POS? The idea you have to pay 1000 gold a day to have an island is absurd and totally bullchit. This needs to be fixed asap....WTF get your heads outa your arses
  3. Just to say THIS IS BULLCHIT that there is only going to be PVE on the EU network
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