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  1. what if you have a i9 9900k and 2080 ti? still try it out or wouldn't be that much of a performance increase?
  2. John

    Treasure Maps

    Hey has anyone tried with tames before and after? Also I heard the xp was nerfed and you only get like 1/10th the xp?
  3. John

    50,000 gold dragon

    How do I buy it? I'm able to farm 25k gold per day and need help buying the dragon
  4. John

    Breeding how to ~

    Lol damn that’s crazy
  5. Has anyone notice that you can't level above wild level times 2? Interesting
  6. Anyone else experiencing this?
  7. Hello I just unlocked taxation bank and light house and was wondering if anyone crafted these and if they can give some more information on it, and if possible to post screen shot, Thank you very much for your time
  8. Hello, I've found everything, metal, crystal and everything else but gems on M6 Anyone know where to find gems? If not on M6 near it? Thank you very much in advance , I do appreciate your time on this
  9. John


    At first I disliked it, but now I understand it and I honestly love the concept, I just think the timer needs to be adjusted, like a six hour window or 12, after all the attacker is trying to claim my land and if they work hard enough they should get it but a more reasonable time would be like 12 hours or 1 day, its a a great system to counter griefers, if your island is getting harassed the good players team up and steal his land, also all of this prevents no lifers to build mega structures and do a weekly login to refresh everything and prevents huge huge land grabs of clutter which lags up the game
  10. 4 days is perfect time, we are very lucky to even have that much time
  11. Hello, I am just totally enjoying the removal of level cap at lawless area on PVE for NA servers, Question, “Not within Territory Claim, will rapidly decay!” Anyone know the details of this or had experience with something decaying, I’m hoping someone knows the answer I have 31 hours in the game, and I LOVE this game, I have zero complaints or issues.
  12. I know I'm starting to think if they keep this, then we are viewing the game wrong, ark is a long term base building with Dino's, but this game if they don't change the pve land claim, this game is about "quick play", since you gotta be nuts to do anything long term and to be vulnerable to a one hour window of everything lost, isn't that basically a server wipe ? The potential to lose everything every hour on the hour on a player vs environment rule set.
  13. John

    Water jar and water keg

    Do you know the ingredients by any chance?