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  1. Dolpgirl

    First to tame a Horse!

    It's basically like an Equus in Ark, just reskinned.
  2. Dolpgirl

    First to tame a Horse!

    Oh, so we cant use the wagon for hauling materials like wood around, how sad...
  3. Dolpgirl

    First to tame a Horse!

    After almost a Week, wasting 3 hours a day chasing and killing and using 100s of bolas. I managed to capture and tame a horse! Now I don't see many people in forums saying they have so I'm gonna say I'm the first one to tame one! Also, the wagon and carriage has no bonus, its just a skin. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a practical appliance for different saddles?
  4. The bug is in the title, I saw a shipwreck, went down to investigate and crash, came up with an error, trying to log back in takes multiple attempts, once I got back in, I could hear me swimming but a black screen then I crashed again, no error this time. I'm not the only one, server admin tried it and she too drowned.