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  1. we are not missing any files though @Teach like there all in the server grid file it just isnt reading it
  2. @Teach it is a issue where we are not getting in game map or spawn map
  3. well i don't have access to the server files i am working with the server owner to try to fix the problem
  4. i did it as it said and the in game map and treasure map doesn't work it is blank
  5. can i ask for the map in game how do you set that up? i just cant seem to get the in game map working it is in the server grid file and it is a jpg and nothing am i missing something?
  6. thanks for trying! @Lyr it does mean a ton that you at least tired.
  7. it isn't working at all not on the pick of spawn not in the server nothing @Lyr
  8. nope. a friend of mine has a home server so we host off him instead of spending money on a server @Lyr
  9. i am having that issuse on dedicated servers and i have tried changing it to jpg and all that and nothing it is still blank and it is in the server grind file
  10. anyone have a rough guess how much ram per square in the 15x15 it would take? like how much would a single square take and how much would all of them take?
  11. can you maybe help other people get there servers up by explaining how you got yours up?
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