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    How can you support this?

    Ladders in the boat automatic placement spots are kinda buggy one min they work one minute they don't i usually build a captain cabin on back of my boats you can hang ladders that work every time right off the ceiling tile that just pokes out a bit from the rail also catwalks seem to work pretty good as well and theres always the emergency ladder at rear of boat
  2. Maldreck


    They will wipe anyone thinking there wont be one is fooling themselves.. And why am I so sure of this ?? Bringing in whole new group of players wont go well if they don't we will see post after post of how unfair it is PC players have everything land, resources ,ships ect ...ect ...ect and negativity is a contagious plague in the gaming community. Xbox players will be less likely to jump onboard if they feel disadvantaged in any way and at this point they need Xbox players servers are pretty bare . And then there is this Translate that how you like .I see PvE servers getting the axe and a new map layout and what did we learn from last new map layout ....Thats right we lost everything including most of the population to gain a few more islands . Anyway i doubt i will return to official any earlier then the xbox launch and not at all if it becomes PvP based P.S GS will dance around announcing the wipe with talk of how they might avoid it to keep the people still playing ....well playing ultimately there will be a wipe I honestly hope I'm wrong
  3. Did a wipe after update didnt want to deal with admin commands as the were buggy for me. Fresh map looked all over now i dont seem to have any SoD
  4. Yup G-portal has it Nitrado said this week they should have it up
  5. Maldreck

    Blackwood beds and fast travel

    none of my beds were working saw a comment about making a new company did it beds work now but lost access to all my stuff for previous company everything was on default company owned soo that could be part of it
  6. When is the new ark with spaceships and planets coming out ? I'm joking but wont surprise me if we see that in a few months from now when outlaws starts to drop people .
  7. Maldreck

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    @ThisGamesOver Just Imagine how much they will save once they shut down officail servers due to lack of players I
  8. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WHEN THEY POSTPONE THE UPDATE, YET AGAIN Nothing in Atlas anyways no point really Just waiting on the wipe before I return
  9. First off let me say I Love Atlas and can see the potential the game has . I play NA PvE personal preference of a RL friend I play with we are a 2 man company .At the initial land rush we had a bad time of finding a place to live ended up in lawless for a bit finally being tired of the pillar spam and loosing gear to some undesirables leading aggressive animals into us waiting till we died then looting all our gear we set out again .Still ended up in lawless but with better neighbors then foundations killed resources i set out alone and decided to go where no one else was Tundra died hundreds of deaths to exposure and wolf pack death machines before i got a hold on our claim .I now have more land then i can really use .I have invited other players to settle there as well as alliances set low tax rates(10%) offered the space for free no rent or upfront cost even offered to recruit to my company ect..ect ..No one took me up on it they wanted their own land.For those reasons and serveral others the Settlement system wont work on PvE. Now i see a trend on the forum posts seems to be the same few people responding to posts i'm sure I will see them respond to this as well .I don't have a ton of posts(cant type for shit lol) but i do come here to read them everyday .So why not use Polls to vote on claim system changes i havent seen any or am i missing them .Would give a voice to the player base that just dont like posting on forums not everyone will like the proposed changes but better idea of where we are all at . Server rule sets need to branch further from each other then the you can kill and destroy each other on PvP and you cannot on PvE formula .I have seen some comments that we are working towards this which is a good direction and at the same time you stated you wished to make more of the end game accessable to your solo players /small companies but we are going to lock new content behind kraken kill and then plan remove alliance system from PvE . The wipe announcement should have come at a later date. Out of the less then 4k in game numbers id say only 5% -10% of that number is official servers and im estimating high .I myself havent played just log in feed my tames and crew then back out wouldnt even do that if me and other guy in company hadn't decides we are gunna load the ships and go full bore into one of the golden age ruins .Everyone plays on private no worry bout wipe there for the mean time .
  10. We definately dont need settlements on PvE a claim flag limit would been better then turning everything to lawless we will see how it works i guess maybe it will be ok However the player shops would be nice and it would be much easier selling and trading with less worry bout getting scammed. A shop structure that could be manned by a crewmember should replace the bank that will be useless without claim flags
  11. This is how i understand it .Please Correct me if I'm wrong 1.The server Wipe ERASES EVERYTHING for the official servers ships, structures, characters we all go back to day 1 2. PvP and PvE Claim systems become completely different rulesets . On PvE all server blocks that previously allowed claiming will become the same as lawless where everyone can build only the enemy foundation radius applies to where you can and cannot build there are no claim flags what so ever .You will have to upkeep all your blocks via an automatic upkeep device you can build or alternatively i assume by hand until you can build repair thingy . Supposed to prevent griefers from pegging huge areas stopping people from building .No settlements/claiming an island . On PvP you get the settlements where a company may claim a whole island as long as they can afford the upkeep to hold it and fight off the raiders during the 9 hour window .Company that claimed the Island in question is the landlord sets tax rates gets to decide who lives there ect..ect ... More people living on the Island makes the upkeep for the landlords easier.
  12. Maldreck

    Demolish Structure issue

    Still not able to Demo structures on my claim belonging to another Company .An allied company left to play on private server wanted to free up some space demo wouldn't work .So i dropped the alliance and still wouldn't work. After some experimenting I discovered it was only structures with a locked status that it wasnt letting me Demo unlocked doors i could demo locked ones i could not as well as a shipyard ect ect ect ...
  13. I had a similar problem might be possible in some cases was what i did .Died transferring zones screen was black i clicked few times as i was getting impatient screen loads im on create new character .Now freaking out so i exited game rebooted relogged in same i was on character create screen .Hit escape back to death screen where i could choose respawn point .Apparently in my impatient clicking waiting for screen to load i hit the create new pathfinder and the only way to leave that screen is esc key .Hope this helps other impatient clickers like myself I know its not the case for everyone but wanted to throw this out there .
  14. Taking the zones / grids out 1 server whole map for small groups of people the official servers are gridded to 225 servers to handle player load along with spawns ect ect so more people can be apart of the Same world .Spawns would have to be slowed and number decreased .
  15. Maldreck

    your Icarus(brigantine)was destroyed

    I'm resource locked smilt i feel ya had to claim in the tundra no land anywhere else cold kills me super wolves kill me so had to go to lawless made some decent progress after last nights patch resources are not spawning near foundation pieces understandable i get that was always the intention however this creates whole new griefing tool .All along the peninsula where im at are single little foundation blocks spread out now nothing spawns there except animals .