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  1. I agree with this and I agree with the others. Increase the gathering speed for the duration this game is still in early access. It's just too easy to lose a base or a ship or whatever so increasing the resource gathering speed for now would be great and lower it back to normal when the game actually works like it's supposed to.
  2. Ducki

    Whales OP

    The whale seems to be OP af but honestly the worst thing is that the whales are not neutral. They sink your anchored ships too and I even saw one whale bugging on an island so RIP to the bases on that island, aswell as the players on it.
  3. Ducki

    Monstrous whale 1 shot shooner

    I feel you.. the whales attacks anchored ships too apparently since one whale one shotted my anchored schooner when I was offline. How do I know it one shotted my schooner if I was offline one might ask? Easy.. look at the company log and you'll see every god damn plank on the ship get destroyed in the same time stamp.
  4. Ducki

    Monstrous whale... OK!!!!!!!

    One of those son of a guns was swimming on an island.. I would love to see the peoples faces who got killed by it inside their own base ON land
  5. Ok, so monstrous whale can aggro your anchored ships... what is the point of gathering resources for a ship many hours just so it can sink while you're offline? It takes way too long to build a ship compared to how easily you can lose it. First ships of the damned and now god damn whales? what's next?
  6. I have 6 floor stone base and snakes and other mofos just comes straight in through the wall somehow on the 2nd floor.. Early access game what can I say.
  7. Ahoy mateys! I'm very interested in this trading ship thing which came in the last patch, however I haven't found any of them yet so my question basicly is that are they sailing randomly in some regions or is there some specific spot where they always are (ex. freeports)?
  8. So I saw this in the patch notes "- NPC Trading Ships are back and no longer affected by wild creature destruction commands! Reminder for those with deep pockets, the trader ships have an epic Dragon which can be purchased for 50,000 gold coins" Alright so there's now a dragon hurrayy.. the thing I want to know about the dragon is that is it cosmetic like for the ship or something or is it actual dragon that kills stuff etc? And what about the gold coins one might ask? well 50k gold coins weights like 30-40 tons or something right? so how am I supposed to get the coins to the trader anyway? Bonus: If someone happens to know what does the merchant ship have in their shops I would love to know! Happy new year peeps!
  9. Fire arrows are very good yes but if you nerf them then they become completely useless so maybe they should find some kind of balance
  10. Ducki

    Let's talk about dangerous animal spawn rates...

    Yap sounds familiar
  11. So I went to the other side of the forum posted a topic about this concern and some gentleman there told me that you need 4 different kind of the same resource that's what the 4x means. Haven't tested it out yet so not sure if it's not true but I think it would make sense to be honest.. Going to test it soon myself.
  12. Ducki

    Blueprints better than common

    Ahh is that so? well that lightens up things if it's like that... They should've explained the 4x or 2x things somewhere a little better! I'll go test that out right away my man. Thanks
  13. I keep it simple and short: Better quality blueprints not working (masterwork, legendary etc) Common blueprints works fine.
  14. Ducki

    Let's talk about dangerous animal spawn rates...

    Reminds me of my base... I go to the roof of my base to see 5 wolves 3 crocs thousands of vultures and 6 snakes knocking on my door.. the best part is that the snakes bugs through the walls inside the base.. it's like there's no walls at all.
  15. I found out that only common blueprints works and it sucks because I have many good blueprints I'd like to use...