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  1. Lol loaded up because I couldn't sleep. Good thing too rolled back our whole fleet to before we got our treasure maps. Got the fleet home one at a time and now I get to go farm w/e I can find to get gold for our soon to be mutinying crew...
  2. Kloric

    Non NA people

    I mean as far as playing on servers on the other side of the world. All the official servers register on battlemetrics as being located in Germany, including the NA servers.
  3. I have a issue with keybinds and am not sure if it is a widespread issue or just me. I play with my arrow keys being a lefty never got used to using WASD so I keybind everything around my arrowkeys, it works just fine for movement and play but when I pilot a ship my keybinds for steering don't transfer over and am forced to use the WASD when trying to use a ship.
  4. Kloric


    If they run it like ark they will do a event every weekend where Friday it turns on and Monday it turns off and goes up to 2-3x
  5. Kloric

    Breeding and Baby Raising

    F for the bear
  6. Kloric

    Chinese ruining your game devs

    I moved into the spot that SP lived in, met Dragon we made it one night, They showed up with a Galleon blasted what we had built shot my guy through a stone wall he had entombed himself in the base same guy in some of the videos the X X type name lvl 51 one.. Anyway no video evidence from me but I feel it guys Game has so much potential they just need to learn from Ark and be more aggressive with their handling of people cheating.
  7. Kloric

    Auto aim bots on O9 "Hunter" tribe

    Happened to us today with them. They showed up with Galleon somehow got it to hit our base ( prolly was not cheating there) but we had a guy entomb himself in the base and guy shot him right through the Stone. Was enjoying the pvp too Our lil Sloop put in some work against that Galleon! lolol.
  8. Kloric

    Resources and You - Atlas

    What about Gems?
  9. Kloric

    Ghost Ships

    Can you just turn them off until you are ready for them to be in game? Make them defensive so people can play? I applaud that you reduced the spawn rate by 60% I don't know if you need to kill them off but here is our experience. We set sail, get a little away from land. Ghost ship comes into render, turn left, ghost ship comes into render, go straight ghost ship comes into render. go right, ghost ship comes into render, eventually one agros, you can't outrun them, they never deagro, rip our fun evening. We might as well just stay on land. It is next to impossible to not be on a fully decked out cannon loaded ship. I know you guys must see this issue you know it is there because of the action you have taken already. Anyways. Thanks for your time I'd say make them defensive or give them like a almost touch radius agro makes it kidna a bummer farm all day wanna go out for some fun in the waves and 10 mins later ships gone, not to players but to some broken npcs.
  10. Kloric

    Problem with taming

    Jumping on someone for sharing their experiences with the game and what they have observed and calling it bullshit when you wasn't there isn't false information it is sharing experience, please learn how to communicate with others. A example of this would have been saying. something like..... ' I have tamed 4 wolves and 2 bulls which were Bola tames, maybe you were doing it wrong or tried before they did a fix that allows it. This is how I did it myself ( insert how you did it here). In any case we tried what he says when it fell back down the tame was at 0% progress again, we repeated it like 6 times, being how game is new there IS a chance we didn't do something right /shrug but that is what we saw.
  11. Kloric

    Problem with taming

    Don't bother trying to tame Bola things. It is broken. We built a Ark style ( dino gate) trap. Pulled a lion into it. You have to approach the downed creature from the backside to get the feed option. It wanted Prime Meat. WE gave it, was fine.. Bola timer went down so I tried to re-apply the bola, no dice. The bola doesn't let you re-apply it. It eats 1-2 times bola timer wears down and animal stands up. We tried knockiung it down again to see if taming progress stays, it doesn't.