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  1. I'm not here to complain that I don't get to own a boat. I honestly view it as a waste of time as someone that plays alone and I generally have a lot more fun pvping on land, but I did read the latest Dev Q&A and there was a part that suggested that developers want to focus on content in the ocean and encourage sailing. This just came off as something very strange to me given the current pvp environment that has manifested in the ocean of this game. As a casual solo pvp player I avoid the water as much as possible. I personally find my fix of PVP on the land starting gun fights with others or raiding bases. I know that top companies are always patrolling the water around their controlled tiles looking for their fix of ship PVP. All of these companies are constantly working with quality planks and cannons. People just starting the game or people like me that enjoy playing in small groups or alone are severely disadvantaged and the risk of losing time to an unwinnable inescapable ship fight are always too high. People quickly learn without being in a decent company with owned land that building boats is often a chore not worth the effort and learn to focus their effort on land. I personally feel pressured to avoid crossing water with anything of high value and view any boats I build as an extremely temporary highly volatile way of transporting items. Well, either way I don't care. I just thought it was a bit ironic that the the devs want to encourage more ocean focused content given the extreme volatility and highest potential loss of time investment the ocean of this game represents at the moment. I wanted to provide some insight of the mindset players like myself may have of the ocean and sailing.
  2. Can we for the love of god get this issue fixed?
  3. When playing at epic settings the rain in this game doesn't seem to properly adjust to anything more realistic and looks very out of place breaking a sense of immersion. Particularly, the lines themselves do not seem to change based on the lighting of the scene thus it looks the worst at night when very dark and the rain is very obvious and white when the rain shouldn't be almost invisible at night.
  4. I believe D12 had gems. Gems on a restricted building islands is so amazing.
  5. Look at CSTG. They fractured their entire company into multiple allied companies early on specifically for this reason. Point is that if people want to work together even outside of their own company they will find a way.
  6. Continue to not play I guess. Lets not forget for Arks EA there was only one wipe early due to duping and I'm pretty sure it didn't happen again because of how poorly it effected the community despite multiple dupe exploits being found afterward. Seems like Wildgrape has a taste for destroying their games community and trying to rebuild it from the ashes.
  7. Instead of making a scene they just left or the people that would are already gone.
  8. Maybe It's the same problem they had with food in flotsam. The spoil timers are running while they are in the container and instantly vanish when someone finds them given they were sitting there long enough.
  9. Could honestly care less about losing things despite my arguments. My concern is for the health of the game. I don't think announcing a wipe 3 weeks ahead of time is going to encourage people to play for the next 3 weeks.
  10. Ok bye then carebear casual. Don't forget your carebear casual tampons on the way out.
  11. Would appreciate it if you could leave the discussion to adults. Thank you.
  12. Would greatly appreciate if you could keep you're derogatory comments to yourself. I can't take someone seriously that thinks name calling will garner attention to their point. You just look like a whining child at best.
  13. If you want competitive pvp you should be against these changes because small companies are being neutered of their ability to fight large zerg companies. Don't worry people like you that think this is going to make the game "fair" are going to have a hilarious change of heart when they find out how messed up these changes will truly make the game. You are still going to lose everything you own and accomplish nothing the only difference is that you will lose everything to company population you can't even comprehend rather than a small company of "griefers".
  14. When the game becomes stale and boring because no one can make a dent on the largest companies on their own turf and literally take all land you'll see how shitty these changes truey are. The new system kills any type of spontaneous pvp and excitement in exchange for people being able to log in at specific times to fight with as many numbers as their company can offer. You literally have no idea what you are supporting.
  15. There's no guarantee the current pvp rules are effecting the games overall population or that changing them will not make the situation worse. Yes, people can raid empty buildings if they choose but who cares? That's something that has been a part of the survival genre for years. Part of the fun is finding ways to protect yourself from offline raids or getting revenge for being offline raided. Survival games have never been about simulating death match scenarios as if it was call of duty or guarantee you would fight fair battles given players can always overwhelm a smaller group with pure numbers or that your "skill" will ever have an impact on your success.
  16. Take the time to create systems and mechanics that help with the transition from island wipes in various ways. Allow players keep their character progress. Arrange discoveries in a way that so they still exist even if the island they were located no longer exist or remove the points associated to those discoveries directly from players. Allow players to store tames and ships in the cloud "similar to ark" even if just temporary. Every company has their tames uploaded automatically and have a temporary way to withdraw them for the sake of the transition. At the end of the day only the structure wipe is warrented in my opinion. Having systems in place to allow players to keep their character progress and tames will allow players to more smoothly transition from future wipes, island additions, etc... At least then players can have some sort of stability and maintain some form of progression when it's time for regions to be wiped.
  17. The problem is that this creates a standard for how the developers can treat their customers. I'm not going to sit around and act like it's ok to disregard my time and effort toward a product I paid for. Maybe other people are ok with this statement and are willing to bend over and allow developers treat players as if their time investment into this game means nothing but I simply can't respect that.
  18. How dare someone use a poop emoji to light heartedly poke fun at someone on a crusade to provoke the community manager! SIN!
  19. I probably won't but it doesn't change the fact that this is a problem Id like to discuss or see addressed.
  20. Yeah, there is nothing stopping people from using those nasty tactics from ark where they simply cap out server population. I like the idea of having to spawn in from beds or sail in from freeports acting as a barrier to zerg spawn tactics. This is especially a problem when company player caps are larger than server population caps.
  21. Your title is click baity as fuck considering the main complaint is that people don't want to lose progress they earned themselves. No one is asking for free shit here. There will always be problems in the game and many of those will be questionably worth a wipe to some people but that doesn't mean a wipe should occur every time something is messed up. This is a product of laziness on the developments part. Not wanting address the problems with precision and choosing nuke everything for the sake of making their jobs easier. What happens when islands are changed again or new biomes are added again. Should this dictate more wipes and cause players to lose hours and hours of discoveries, tames, buildings, ships, etc...? The developers could reassign existing discoveries to new islands and recycle things in a way where at the very least "pathfinders" do not have to be wiped.
  22. Other people can remove via battle. The new update completely stop players from being able to fill holes in their boat for much longer durations because the developers were lazy and irresponsible allowing a new mechanic intended for island/ground based structures to effect planks on ships. The problem was that people would constantly replace walls and ceiling etc from the inside making raiding almost impossible on a small scale. The devs tried to fix this but screwed up boat structures in the process.
  23. Nope, this is a product. I am a customer. EA is nothing more than it's literal interpretation: Early Access. I didn't purchase Beta Access or Tester Access. I purchased Early Access. I agree. I want to play the game not test a game for 3 weeks until the things I do actually matter.
  24. Pvp with no rules > pvp with rules.
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