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  1. Let me say this now, I only play PvP so I don’t encounter this ship sinking issue as much as y’all so I may be completely wrong about this. I have a few ideas of ways to fix people sinking boats on PvE servers or Freeport’s for PvP Servers. For PvE Servers for boats that are overweight to the point to were they should be sinking, instead they just shouldn’t be able to move. I understand people could easily abuse this on PvE by just AFKing on a boat with weight so you won’t be able to move your boat. Unfortunately that could be an issue but once the player dies you’ll be good to sail again so might take some time and have to wait but at least you will be able to use your boat again and not loose it. For Freeport’s on PvP not sure about PvE but when you log off with a ton of weight on someone’s boat you can’t be killed or access their inventory. So you will forever be able to sink someone’s boat and not worry about dying from just simply logging out. If someone logging off and becomes invisible is same for all PvE servers they could simply add a feature so anyone that is not in tribe of the people that own the boat will become “floating” so the weight will then be removed from the boat and allow you to then move your boat when the player logs back in they will no longer be on the boat. So yes someone could sit and troll you for hours and make it so you can’t move your boat. But at least it won’t sink anymore. If you like this suggestion upvote it if you have another ideas that don’t require boats having potentially unlimited weight feel free to post them as well. With this feature the worst thing you would have encounter is someone being rude and just making you wait to use your boat Typed this while on phone in class but should be written well enough for y’all to understand.
  2. Will I be seeing you in Seattle? @Dollie
  3. Cole

    Reduce Damned Ship Spawns

    While this would be nice GrapeShot loves a challenge. Without all the Ship's of the Damned rolling about their would be almost no action on the water. They don't want you to be able just to turn around and avoid one. They want you to have to fight your way to get around them or sink them. While this might seem like a pain in the ass you can easily go travel around with a raft or a small boat because the aggro range is much smaller and you will have a much higher chance of survival until your able to get NPC's for your bigger ships to fight with.
  4. Cole

    Blueprint not recognizing resorce

    When you see the 3x something that mean's you need 3 different types of that material. So you will have to explore other islands to find different kind's of Wood, Thatch, Stone, and fibers in order to craft that.